Wednesday, August 17

happiness becomes a fundamental subject |XLS

CHow do you learn to be happy? The leading educational centers in the world believe that it is a skill that can be acquired. It all started at Yale University in 2018. A course with a title that had a catchy title – Psychology and the Good Life – received a barrage of enrollments, more than a thousand. And classes had to be moved to the concert hall. The teacher who taught it, Laurie Santos, was the first surprised. A surprise tinged with concern. The students confessed that they were having a hard time and a survey, the first of many, confirmed it. Santos then adapted the teachings to the general public and uploaded them to the Internet. That became viral (nearly one hundred thousand students from 168 countries). And dozens of universities took note and followed her example. With the pandemic, what could be considered a temporary phenomenon has become a necessity. And thanks to the new educational coalitions it has spread.

Michael Plant has a doctorate in Moral Philosophy and is part of the research team at the Wellbeing Research Centre, a center at the University of Oxford that studies emotional well-being. In 2019 he founded, and directs, the Happier Lives Institute, which analyzes the cost and effectiveness of resources dedicated to improving global happiness.

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