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Harris calls for immigration reform after meeting with girls who crossed the border into Mexico alone

The US Vice President, Kamala Harris, this Friday during her visit to El Paso, Texas.

The US Vice President, Kamala Harris, this Friday during her visit to El Paso, Texas.

The American Vice President, Kamala Harris, met this Friday with five girls who crossed the border of Mexico Y USA in search of a better life. At the meeting, which was part of his visit to the border city of El Paso (Texas), the democrat saw in the eyes of these minors the “great damage” of having made this hard journey without his parents, but also hope.

“They asked me how I became the first female vice president. (This conversation) reminded me that this fact can not only be reduced to a political problem, we are talking about children, families, suffering … and that our collaboration has to be careful and effective, “said Harris from the Texas airport before flying to California.

In this sense, Biden’s number two pointed out that it is useless to “point the finger” at the immigration problem that the country lives and that what the United States has to do is realize that it needs “immigration reform.” “Let’s do the work of accepting that you can’t just react to a problem without solving it at its roots.”

Together with the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, the vice president heard both versions of the same story. First the officer on a tour of the El Paso border patrol station and then that of human rights defenders working on the border in a meeting with various activists.

Since Harris agreed to be in charge of dealing with the problems that have generated the massive arrival of immigrants to the US border criticism has rained down on him. The opposition has reproached him for not having traveled to the border area before, and only having done so after Donald Trump announced that he would also go this month. Just as you have chosen to go to El Paso and not to the Rio Grande Valley, another critical area in Texas.

Nor did she escape criticism from the more progressive part of her party, who did not see with good eyes that, during her trip to Central America, the vice president ask immigrants who are considering going to the United States without papers that do not come.

Trump will be the next to go to Texas

Donald Trump will also visit the border of McAllen (Texas) on June 30 and will do so together with the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, politician who announced this month that he wants to continue the construction of the wall that the former president began to build and that he will do so with a combination of money from the state budget and donations. The ex-president said in a statement that Harris “would never have gone (to the border)!” If he and Abbott had not announced his trip, an accusation that the White House denied.

The number of migrants arriving at this long border has skyrocketed since Biden took office. In May, more than 180,000 people were detained at the border. Of these, more than 112,000 were expelled under Title 42 – a public health order imposed by Trump at the beginning of the pandemic.

The United States has also seen a record number of unaccompanied child arrivals. More than 18,800 minors were taken into the custody of the Administration of Biden after crossing the border alone in March. The number of child arrivals has decreased in April and May, but is still much higher than the unaccompanied minors who arrived in 2019.

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