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Harsh criticism from relatives of the Altabix residence in Elche to the regional ministries for the abandonment in the middle of the crisis

Altabix residence has 104 users

Altabix residence has 104 users
Antonio Amorós

The Association for the Rights and Welfare of the Elderly in Residences has today published a hard statement against the Ministries of Health and Equality and Inclusive Policies after the statements made yesterday by the mayor, Carlos González, and the councilor Esther Díez in relation to the situation of these facilities, not only because of the 24 cases of covid detected on the 29th of December and January 4, but due to the fact that the Sindic de Greuges requested the rescue of it on the grounds that it understood that a good management was not being carried out. The intimate statement reads like this:

Regarding the situation of the Altabix Residence, we “we conform”, Because we have no choice, so that the disinfection of the Residence is carried out on Monday, but again we observe a lack of diligence and speed in this task, which is urgent and a priority. Every day that passes is vital but the agents involved do not want to see it. From ADBAR, we have thanked Lieutenant Jorge Sánchez Carcelén of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Regiment, for his interest from the first moment in contributing his bit in this delicate situation. Regarding the appearance before the media of the Mayor and Esther Díez yesterday at noon, from the Association we don’t give credit to some of the demonstrations they have made:

– Regarding the telephone call that the mayor has made to the director of the Residence, we want to remind the Head of the Consistory that this director is hired by the concessionaire company and although the family members are happy with his personal management as director for his great empathy and drive in his work on a personal level, we do not consider that the situation of the Residence is normal. It was neither before this outbreak nor is it now. The situation is absolutely exceptional and its manifestation is “overly positive”, But he can never publicly acknowledge that because he has a working relationship with the company, a company that has not shown any interest in building a Residence with very serious problems. And that it has only introduced some minor improvement due to many complaints and meetings with our Association. Is it a normal situation that there are nurses and assistants who have not rested for 8 to 10 days and double shifts? They are conducting a titanic effort And they are not conditions neither for them nor for those who receive care.It is a normal situation that 1 nurse is alone and without a doctor on holidays and weekends and cares for more than 100 people with a COVID outbreak and with residents who have not been tested for COVID again? Many of the protocols established by the legislation are not being complied with in these circumstances and no one realizes that we are “at war” against a virus that with the elderly group can be deadly.

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On the other hand, none of the Regional Ministries, neither that of Health nor that of Equality and Inclusive Policies, has pronounced on the situation we are suffering and we have contacted all of them, from the Regional Secretary and Councilors to the Territorial Directorate of Alicante. And as we have been demonstrating on many occasions to the mayor for many months, although the City Council is not directly competent, it is urgent that the Municipal Corporation press and urge the Generalitat to solve and keep this outbreak under control and that the very serious structural problems of the Residence because it is a residence for the elderly located in its municipality, with people from Elche who one day worked for Elche and do not deserve the treatment they are receiving. Everyone knows what happens there, but everyone looks the other way. It is true that the mayor summoned us to a supposed next meeting with the Regional Secretary, but until today we have had many with different General Directors and we have many unfulfilled promises, such as the implementation of a management program in the center to minimize the great disorganization prevailing there. One of the demands to the Department and the concession company since August is that they provide us with the Center’s Contingency Plan. We have lost count of how many times we have claimed it. It is fair that it is provided to us and we have requested it both electronically and directly by mail to the regional authorities. Has it not yet been validated by the Generalitat?

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– On the other hand, we have been “bothered” especially by the words of the councilor Esther Diez de Compromís, since her party is the one that manages the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies headed by Mónica Oltra. In the first place, sanctioning proceedings are not what our elders need, as Esther Diez said when asked, they need minimally dignified care and they do not have it. The inspections that have been carried out so far have never had adequate follow-up to the seriousness of what was detected. There is an inspection report signed by the Head of Inspection of the Valencian Community of May 2020 that is devastating and with respect to whose breaches and faults no follow-up was made. For example, there were medication that was administered without being prescribed and medication that was prescribed without being administered; The Florida Medical Service had not received the weights and sizes for months and months and there have been weight losses of 20 and 30 kg in residents.

The Sindic had to open a file ex officio and our Association go to this institution, but even after the reports issued, the serious deficits are not being solved, nor has it been intervened. Regarding the allusion made by Mrs. Esther Diez To the legal basis on which the intervention of the Residence would be based, this mayor shows us her profound ignorance of the current state of affairs and that she has not read the second of the reports of the Sindic de Greuges of December 22, 2020 where it is detailed to perfection the way to carry out the same from page 7 to 10, as the secretary of the Association explained to the mayor on January 6 in the afternoon by phone. This document establishes how, as it is an administrative contract for services through open procedure, the one carried out by the Generalitat and the concession company, its intervention can be carried out in view of the different precepts of the new Public Sector Contract Law 9/2017 and in relation to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. Likewise, this councilor of Compromís is also unaware that the reforms that have been postponed for 8 years, do not correspond and have never been carried out by the companies as she stated yesterday, because they are not maintenance and conservation actions that are those that correspond to the winning companies, Rather, it is about works and integral reforms of the building that houses the residence and that must be carried out by the Generalitat since it is its property as: complete reform of the exterior garden, global arrangement of the air conditioning system, arrangement of the public address system, landslides in facade…

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And also, the amount approved by the Generalitat for this reform is 640,000 euros plus VAT (we have it in a written document), not 100,000 as Esther Diez said. Clarification that was already made to this councilor this week through social networks by ADBAR. We expect strict compliance with the total amount of that investment that we have fought and fought so much for since this building is totally abandoned.

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