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Has Viktor Orbán faced his party in Péter Márki-Zay?

Much to everyone’s surprise, a non-partisan mayor of a small town has been elected to challenge Viktor Orban in the 2022 parliamentary elections in Hungary. In the first primary elections in Hungary, he won against candidates such as the mayor of Budapest and the vice-president of the European Parliament. The father of seven, who defines himself as a right-wing, conservative and practicing Catholic, has emerged as the candidate of a very broad party alliance, made up of parties of the right, left, liberal and green. This alliance was in many respects imposed on the opposition by the electoral law approved by Fidesz. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Peter Mark-Zay, mayor of Hódmezővásárhely and opposition candidate for Prime Minister of Hungary, on the 2022 elections.

What does the blue ribbon that you and your followers wear mean?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“It is the blue ribbon of accountability and the fight against corruption. We believe that the biggest problem in Hungary over the last 30 years is that Hungary has become a country without consequences, that in an election here, the real question most of the time it is: who is going to steal and how much. We believe that now we must have elections after which no one will steal. We must abolish corruption and we want a country where corruption is not organized, but is fought ”.

Can this be done within the limits of the rule of law and with a simple majority in parliament?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“It can be done through the rule of law. In fact, Hungary will only be a state governed by the rule of law if we do so. Of course, we do not consider the current situation within the limits of the rule of law. We have a Prosecutor General who does not fight against corruption but cover up criminals, we have an Attorney General who has gained a foothold in power and last week an amendment to the law further strengthened this, and we certainly consider his appointment, for example, illegitimate as he served to keep FIDESZ in power, like many other steps. Under the current Hungarian constitution, and indeed under the old constitution, the pursuit of exclusive power is unconstitutional. “

Are you saying that this constitution can somehow be overturned even if it only gets a simple majority in parliament? In that case and according to many, it could lead to a situation of civil war. Are you not concerned about that and what is your response to those concerns?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“First of all, whether something is legal or illegal has nothing to do with the civil war because when Fidesz hacked into Hungarian democracy and derailed the rule of law in Hungary, there was no civil war. The threat of a civil war cannot be the subject of discussion that we should have about the rule of law. And, of course, nobody wants to annul a constitutional majority of two thirds and its rules with a simple majority, they simply have to proclaim what a Constitutional Court composed entirely of people designated by Fidesz somehow I forget to say that these laws are invalid from the moment they are approved “.

The country is still quite divided on this issue and if half the country is called to the streets, wouldn’t this cause more problems than there are already?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“If someone asks me that, does it mean that we should not restore freedom of the press, restore democracy and replace thieves? The fact that someone is afraid that Fidesz wants to stay in power by violent means should not be a reason to accept a completely illegitimate power in Hungary. “

You see no difficulty in the fact that the vast majority of your voters will be left-wing liberals, while you are an avowed right-wing conservative politician. How can this alliance be held together until the elections?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“The most important strategic innovation is precisely this. I was able to win in Hódmezővásárhely and most of my supporters in Hódmezővásárhely are people from the left. They have accepted and also experienced that several times with the support of all the right and left opposition, we can propose to someone who offers an acceptable and credible alternative, even for right-wingers and former Fidesz voters, to defeat Fidesz. “

An EU and international problem for Viktor Orbán is migration and the rejection of a common migration policy. What is your position on this issue?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“Fidesz often tries to discredit its opponents and make them a target of hatred by saying that everyone wants to welcome migrants, which is clearly not the case. Now the opposition parties have agreed that the border fence will stand, that the fence is a legitimate tool to control illegal migration. Despite Viktor Orbán’s hate campaigns against migrants, which is clearly something we must reject, the number of migrants admitted has increased as quickly as possible. In Hungary, the number of Migrants admitted by Orbán has increased Very rapidly. In 2019 alone, residence permits were granted to 55,000 migrants from outside the EU. But what is particularly outrageous to us, and the new government will review this immediately, is that Orbán’s circle and Antal ROGÁN has granted residence permits to 20,000 migrants under a resettlement voucher scheme and some of these migrants include some who were terrorists and internationally wanted Islamist criminals. The practices that Orban has been following must be stopped and changed in every way: no hate campaigns, no inhumane conditions for individuals and families for any reason and, at the same time, the criminals and terrorists that Orban has hosted must be withdrawn from the country and from the EU. “

How would you relate to China and Russia?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“Well, on the one hand with friendship and brotherhood, there is no doubt about that, and also Western countries and the United States have trade relations with these countries. On the other hand, the big difference is that these countries are pursuing their own interests in trade relations, while Viktor Orbán only looks at corruption when he pursues relations and is betraying his country and the European Union. What we need is an honest and upright leader, not only for this country but also for the European Union. , a leader who will not betray the European Union and NATO for Putin’s sake. “

There have been political histories similar to his in the region. There is Klaus Iohannis, who became the Romanian president and was an outsider, there is also a similar story with the Slovak prime minister. But I could also mention Emmanuel Macron, who has successfully created a major party out of France’s political centrism. Do you follow any of these and is there someone you see as a role model?

Péter Márki-Zay, opposition candidate for Prime Minister, Hungary:

“We follow them all, we feel tremendously proud when an authoritarian or corrupt leader falls in any European country. But it must be seen that none of these examples was born in an authoritarian regime like Orbán’s, where freedom of the press has been practically eliminated. , where the judiciary has been completely subordinate to political ends and where, for example, an electoral law can be rewritten in one day, where only one party has approved the electoral law and the constitution, where only one party has representatives in the constitutional court and the media council. What we are seeing here is so authoritarian, so based on hate propaganda campaigns, it will be much more difficult to win here. “

To see Péter Márki-Zay’s full interview, click on the media player above.

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