Monday, October 25

Hassan wins a fraticidal duel and takes an unprecedented trio of medals

  • Allyson Felix reaches eleventh with the relay gold.

Three Ethiopian-born runners played the medal order in the last of 25 laps of the 10,000. Only one continues to represent her country, Letesenbet Gidey, the plumarista of the specialty. Kalkidan Gezahegne run now with the Bahrain jersey and Sifan Hassan | with the Netherlands.

The Dutch had on the last day at the stadium a pending account with Go and another with his pride as an athlete in his unprecedented challenge. She had failed in her second attempt to get three golds in Tokyo, at 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000, after third place at 1,500, in which she appeared exhausted.

But there was 10,000 left and the opportunity to play the anthem of her host country when she was still a minor. His difficult bet was based in part on the confidence that his universal record of 10,000 at Hengelo gave him this season. But not 72 hours had passed when Go he ran faster than Hassan and the record returned to Ethiopia.

Surely Go he closely followed the run that the Ugandans raised at 5,000 to get rid of spikers like Mo Katir from Murcia during the Diamond League. Cheptegei he won but had Kiplimo as a squire to revive the rhythm. This time, the Ethiopian woman could not count on the two Ethiopians of origin and immigrants out of necessity, if she wanted help to plan a fast career. I needed it. So much so that he invited a couple of times to Hassan take over at the head of the group, but the Dutch became the Swedish. Hassan She was attached to the record holder like a limpet and olympically ignored the gestures of her rival. He knew that he had no strength to spare after a 5,000 semifinal and final and three 1,500 races, with explosive finishes. When the bell rang and Go made his last change, Hassan he evened out on lane two and waited until the last corner to broaden his gazelle stride and win his second title in Tokyo. Gezahegne passed without problems a dunk Go and took the silver to the Gulf.

The Dutchwoman needed medical attention at the end, apparently dehydrated, before taking the podium with her two former compatriots and crying without tears.

Lewis’s compliment

“Congratulations Allyson, I never saw you as good as you were in your 35. What an amazing and inspiring career of yours. Now the relief awaits you, “he tweeted Carl lewis Allyson Felix 12 hours before the end of the long relays. A detail that the Californian returned with an impeccable post before closing the stadium.

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Felix, with his sixth gold medal with the American quartet, has eleven in all, one more than the excited Lewis with the successes of the charismatic Angelina, with more metals than any other athlete in this sport. And without ruffling. The overwhelming dominance of the United States in the 4×400 relay featured the hurdlers Sydney mclaughlin Y Delilah muhammad, closing with Athing Mu, the 800 winner at the last post, four seconds clear to finish with 3.16.85, in the fastest relay since 1993.

The success of Felix and the men’s long quartet saved the results of the Americans, first in the medal table with 7 golds and 26 metals in the absence of the men’s marathon that closes the Games this Sunday, a small balance if the diminished participation of Russian athletics is discounted.

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