Thursday, January 27

Hate – Information

There is a part of society that lives without apparent cause anchored in aversion and resentment and a part of the political class that, far from avoiding it, jellies and promotes it.

Of all the headlines relating to the unfortunate death of the author of The ages of LuluI found one of the most accurate in several newspapers of this publishing group: “Media España cries for Almudena Grandes.” You can imagine the other mean. The general public, let’s call it that, the one who manifests before the cameras, in the privacy of their homes and circles of friends or disseminates opinions on social networks, received the news halfway between consternation and respect -a vast majority-, the indifference and the visceral attack, of which I save the examples.

It’s not easy to get used to hateful reactions when not even enough time has passed to let the corpse cool. A part of society splashes in that mud with the same naturalness with which you or I go for a walk or watch a series. Hatred in the Shakespearean sense, that which the masses profess without much foundation to the same extent that the rest of us love without knowing why; hatred understood as Daudet put it, which he attributed to the anger of the weak.

The point is that not only the weak possess the exclusivity of such sentiment. For a long time we hated the ETA terrorists as we hated the bombers in the Atocha trains, almost in the same proportion that they hated us, although our hatred was an unpremeditated hatred and born of rage (they killed good people who did not interfere in their cause).

We get bored with so much hating, so we quit despite the innumerable temptations that some opinion leaders often try to trap us into. There are public figures who appear to live off hatred as there are acquaintances (in our jobs, in our families) who do not exist without conflict, which is the white label of the former.

What remains of that legacy left by ETA terrorism, largely imprisoned but also political representatives who once sympathized with the armed struggle, has just made it official that there will no longer be any more festive receptions for those released from the gang. As much as I am late, it is not only good news for the victims, who were caused immense pain every time a Welcome, but rather contributes significantly to normalize a society that has lived for too many years suffocated and confronted with its neighbors on the stairs. And yet, despite the fact that those who suffered ETA violence in their flesh have received it, a part of the citizens, cheered by public officials, maintains and expands a warmongering argument that, far from appeasing the tension, pours kerosene on the stake . Ideological hatred.

As small as it may be, there is a part of society (generally located at the extremes) that makes hatred its flag. There are as many individuals who hate Amancio Ortega as they dislike Almudena Grandes after she is dead. Without foundation, for no apparent reason, just because. Some parties have found fish in those fishing grounds, on either side, on the extreme right and the extreme left, which, far from appeasing, cheer; that instead of shutting up opinion – which sometimes should be done – they expand it and keep it for their gallery in crude and arrogant ways and means. As soon as it was announced that Marta Ortega will become the new president of Inditex, she already had haters, like Pablo Iglesias has them or Abascal collects them.

The pandemic is global. In France, the electoral contest of a far-right gathering has just been announced, leaving Marine Le Pen turned into a liberal with an almost centrist air. Eric Zémmour, a manual hater, has been convicted of incitement to racial discrimination and tried for calling unaccompanied minor immigrants ‘thieves’, ‘murderers’ and ‘rapists’. However, polls have come to place him very close to Macron. Zémmour’s presentation video includes France ‘on fire’ which, he says, will save from the fire, but also vindicates notables of French culture, such as Jean Paul Belmondo. It is already much more than what a sector of our political class has said here about Almudena.


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