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Hazard and Bale? I put the best in every match”

The Italian coach confirmed that “nothing has happened with Eden and Gareth. There is competition and in each game I have to choose the best. With their quality they had to help us more”

Charles Ancelotti, technician of Real Madrid, appeared at the press conference prior to the crash of Bowl before him Elche and began by sending a message about Paco Gento: “Before I start, I want to remind Paco Gento, unrepeatable figure, who will remain forever in our hearts. When I arrived in Madrid in my first stage I met him several times. Yesterday I spoke with his wife. In addition to everything he did on the pitch, I would highlight his humility, the fact that he was a very simple person. Those are the people I like.”

Carletto focused on the match against Elche, which he described as “another final, an elimination round in a competition that makes us very excited. We are ready because Elche has had a good dynamic lately and has won 7 of the last 10 games”. The technician announced that “We have had an indisposition of Cuts, who will not be able to participate in the match. It is not a serious setback, but it is an indisposition for a few days. It is a private issue, so I will not comment more, but I think it will be for Sunday.

Bale and Hazard

But the protagonists of the press conference were Danger Y Bullet, who do not finish having opportunities. asked about it, Ancelotti It was as elegant as it was clear: “Nothing has happened with Hazard. There is competition and in each match I have to choose the best for each match. This affects many players, I’m not going to deny it. I am honest. He is training and is waiting for the call from his coach. His departure? Today he is still a Real Madrid player, he is training, he is focused on the games and we have nothing else to think about”.

Asked if something had happened between the coach and the Belgian or the Welshman, the Italian was categorical: “Nothing unusual has happened between the coach and Bale or Hazard. There is competition and the coach, which is me, each match chooses the best to win. There are many good players and sometimes it can happen that you are very good, but you don’t play. They are there Nacho, Jovic, Ceballos, Isco…”.

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Regarding Bale, he limited himself to pointing out that “he’s fine, he hasn’t come with us to Arabia and has stayed here training. He will be in the squad and has the chance to play”. To later add that “it is true that Eden Y Gareth They have had many setbacks, due to injuries and problems. The quality that Bale and Hazard have could help us more. They haven’t had the opportunity in this first part of the season and hopefully they can help us in the second”.

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Vinicius on the road

Finally, he confirmed that “I will not give rest to vinicius because now I don’t see him tired and I think he can play. We will do it when we see him tired, when he cannot show his quality on the pitch or when he is injured. Give him rest like that, no, because in two months he may be tired.”

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