Wednesday, January 19

Hazard returns to London in search of redemption with Madrid

  • The Belgian accumulates two seasons in Madrid frustrated by injuries in which he has not had continuity

  • Dressed in white, he has been far from the level he offered in the stadium to which he returns this Wednesday as an opponent

  • After two games playing after his injury, Hazard has this Wednesday an opportunity to be decisive again

  • “It is a very good moment for Hazard,” said Zidane in the preview.

No one, not even that enthusiastic Eden Hazard Presented in June 2019 at a Bernabéu with fans, he could foresee that almost two years later he was still not going to have enjoyed a great moment as a Madridista. Moreover, he has not yet been able to, injuries through, offer consecutive games of good performance, at the level he showed being a local in that field in which this Wednesday he seeks to redeem himself.

The Belgian came, after seven years in England, to exhibit himself at the height of the most unbalanced in the world. That’s what he believed to sign the Madrid: a consolidated player, in full maturity, at the age of 28, and who had come to make a difference in an orphan team of offensive power since the start a year before Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two years later, Benzema it is still a free and lonely verse in a Madrid that has not found an alternative. “We know which player can be. A pity that he could not prove due to the injuries. He’s better physically and he’s a player for these games, ”Kroos said.

Weighed down by injuries

The Belgian’s career in Madrid has been marked by injuries. Since an entry of LeaderIn November 2019, he caused problems in a plate he had on his ankle from a previous injury, Chelsea’s Hazard has never been seen again.

From there, he chained periods of sick leave, underwent surgery and, after the pandemic, forced to reach the Manchester city to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and the result was not satisfactory.

This season he has lost 29 games between the League and the Champions League due to injury and, in total, since he arrived at Madrid almost two years ago, the Belgian has not exceeded the 2,300 minutes disputed (less than 10 of their peers this year alone). While waiting for what he can play in the four league games that still remain, he has not played more than 27 white matches in the League and has been out of action, in all competitions, 53 matches, almost a whole season.

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Even the criticisms that his lifestyle was not ideal for an elite athlete have dissipated over time driven by the frustration he transmits. Danger every time he reinjures himself.

With everything and that, football always gives another chance and, after having returned to play in the first leg and having exceeded the 70 minutes played at the weekend, now he has in his home the last great opportunity to claim that ranked among the great soccer stars he once held. “This is a very good time for Hazard”Zidane said in the preview.

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