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HBO hides Joss Whedon from promoting his new series, the first after being accused of abuse | TV

HBO’s new fantasy series, The Nevers, had in its creator, Joss Whedon, one of its great claims. “The new series from the creator of Buffy, cazavampiros and the director of The Avengers“It would have looked great in the trailer and promotional posters. However, this drama, which follows the adventures of some Victorian superheroines and which will premiere on Monday the 12th, is doing everything possible to avoid that name. There is no trace of him in the trailer and the entire promotion of the series is trying to hide or obviate his name as much as possible. This Monday the first criticisms of the chapters sent to the press were published, and practically no review obvious the difficult ballot that the payment chain has faced.

Whedon is not only the creator of the series, he is also an executive producer, as well as writing and directing several episodes. It is clear when, at the end of the first of the episodes sent to the press, his name monopolizes the first four positions of the credit titles. The Nevers marks his return to television after creating Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-2020). However, after closing the first six episodes (those that HBO now premieres and that have remained as the first part of the first season), Whedon left the series at the end of November claiming to be “really exhausted” after two years of intense work and wanting to devote more time to your personal life.

In February of this year, several actors accused Whedon of verbal and psychological abuse of power during the filming of Buffy, cazavampiros. The actress Charisma Carpenter was the first to make her complaint public, and assured that when she became pregnant, Whedon asked her “if she was going to keep it”, made fun of her weight, her religious faith and fired her when she gave birth . His partner, Michelle Trachtenberg, who was a teenager when she started working on the series, also said that the behavior of the person in charge of the fiction was “very inappropriate.” Several colleagues publicly supported the alleged victims. “A lot of damage was done during that time and some of us are still prosecuting it 20 years later,” said actress Amber Benson. It was not the first abuse allegation against Whedon. In 2019, actor Ray Fisher had accused the filmmaker of alleged “abusive, unprofessional and unacceptable” behavior while filming. The Justice League in 2017.

Casey Bloys, content director of HBO, clarified then that, during the recording of The Nevers, the network received no criticism for Whedon’s behavior and that his departure was voluntary. After his departure, Philippa Goslett took the reins as the new head of production and the six episodes that will close the first season (and that have not yet been shot) will be under his supervision.

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