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HBO Max | HBO Max is already available in Spain, what are its news?

The new application is not an update of the previous one, but a different version that replaces it and offers numerous improvements

As of this Tuesday, October 26, HBO Spain ceases to be called as such and becomes HBO Max, an ambitious redesign of the platform that doubles the stakes in a much more competitive landscape than it was when it began to take its first steps.

More than a simple change of brand, HBO Max intends to expand its content offer to reach new audiences and renews the ‘app’ with a necessary new version with more advanced functionalities, such as the possibility of having up to five user profiles, from so that each member of the same family can have their personal lists.

The new application also remembers which titles you were watching, it is capable of showing suggestions based on the playback history and it offers a clearer on-screen layout, with very intuitive and clear menus. Among the novelties, some outstanding ones stand out as channels that group content of brands or themes, for example Looney Tunes classics or DC superheroes.

HBO Max also introduces higher audiovisual quality, something that 4K TV users have been demanding for a long time. Although the offer of content in this format is not yet very wide, the platform already offers native support for 4K, which will translate into an improvement of almost double the resolution for those users who have screens that support this standard.

Another novelty that HBO Max will support is HDR. This technology consists of high dynamic range image processing, which results in a richer color palette and much higher contrast. Thanks to HDR it is possible to enjoy more vivid colors, close to those of a movie theater, brighter and darker scenes. Undoubtedly, the controversial night battle against the white walkers of the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’, widely criticized in its day for presenting visibility problems on most screens, would have looked much better if the previous HBO application had HDR supported.

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Of course, this notable increase in fidelity will also require higher bandwidth and a connection of approximately 25 mbps will be required for an optimal experience. Otherwise, the video quality will be reduced automatically to avoid stalls.

The new HBO Max application is not an update of the previous one, but a different version that replaces it. This means that you have to delete the old one, which stops working, and download the new one. Yes, the access data and passwords are kept, as well as the payment settings.

As for the price, the rates remain at 8.99 euros per month and, as an introductory offer, HBO Max opens with a lifetime discount of 50% in the price of subscriptions, provided that the membership is not interrupted, in in which case this promotion would also be lost.

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