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HBO prepares three new series derived from ‘Game of Thrones’

A picture from 'Games of Thrones'.

A picture from ‘Games of Thrones’.

HBO has already confirmed a series derived from ‘Game of Thrones (‘House of Dragon’), you are working on another (‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’) and even shuffle one animated production about this fantasy universe on HBO Max, but his ambition does not rest and he is already considering three more “spin-offs”.

The Deadline portal announced that HBO has three ideas in development: ‘9 Voyages’, about Corlys Velaryon’s sea voyages; ‘Flea Bottom’, about the poorest neighborhood in King’s Landing, and ’10, 000 Ships’, about Princess Nymeria.

Of these three projects, which are still taking their first steps and that it is not at all confirmed that they will finally go forward, ‘9 Voyages’ is the most advanced and Bruno Heller is working on it, one of the creators of ‘Rome’ (2005-2007).

The one that is one hundred percent confirmed is ‘House of the Dragon’, the first series after ‘Game of Thrones’ (2011-2019) and which will focus on the history of the House of Targaryen.

Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy and Paddy Considine are part of the cast of this series that will be shot this year with the intention of premiering it in 2022.

‘House of the Dragon’ is inspired by the book ‘Fire & Blood’ (2018), whose narration takes place some 300 years before the events related in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series and which delves into the history of the Targaryens, one of the most important houses in this epic fantasy universe.

In October 2019 it was announced that this would be the first series derived from the historical phenomenon of ‘Game of Thrones’, which caused a sensation around the world and which holds the record for the most awarded fiction production of the Emmy (59 awards in total ).

‘House of the Dragon’ was created by George R.R. Martin, the author of the novels that gave rise to this epic fantasy universe; and Ryan Condal, whose resume includes the ‘Colony’ series.

Condal and Miguel Sapochnik will be the ‘showrunners’ (top managers of a series).

On the other hand, in January it became known that HBO was beginning to shape a new prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ that would revolve around the short novels ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’, de George R.R. Martin.

This series is also very early in its gestation and may not see the light of day.

The short novels of ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ focus on the adventures of the characters Dunk and Egg, and take place a little less than a century before that narrated in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, which is the central saga of the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe.

Three short novels have been published in the ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ series: ‘The Hedge Knight’, ‘The Sworn Sword’ y ‘The Mystery Knight’.

These three stories were also compiled in the volume ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’.

To complete the list of hypothetical future paths for ‘Game of Thrones’, at the end of January the possibility of an animated series was announced.

HBO Max has held meetings with different screenwriters to decide whether to finally take the step of bringing ‘Game of Thrones’ to the world of animation.

The project would respect the tone of the original series and would be intended for adult audiences, but it is not ruled out that in the end HBO Max will back down.

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