Monday, August 2

He admits that he killed his mother with a bat in Torrevieja to avoid permanent prison

Responding in monosyllables and in a statement that barely lasted more than five minutes, Jean Cristophe C., 41, accused of beating his mother to death with a baseball bat in the family home of Torrevieja, this Monday admitted his crime before a popular jury. A confession that can help you get around the request for reviewable permanent prison for their collaboration with Justice and replace it with another 18 years in prison. The trial started in the Seventh Section of the Hearing, based in Elche, although the following sessions will be lightened after this confession.

The murder occurred in early March 2020 in the chalet where the defendant lived with his mother in the calle Leonardo Da Vinci, even though he had a Restraining order of her for other previous aggressions. Up to four occasions the Security Forces had to go to the home due to episodes of violence of the son towards his mother. Mother he was 81 years old and suffering from terminal cancer that she was practically bedridden all day, weighing only 41 kilos. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the accused kept his mother in a continuous state of fear and uneasiness with his aggressive attitudes.

Between the afternoon and night of March 2 of last year, he hit her repeatedly with the bat in the face and on the head and then threw a closet on her to try to simulate a domestic accident., version that he maintained when he called the emergency services. Until now he had denied the murder of his mother. Point by point he confirmed all the facts that were narrated in the indictment, without any qualification or attempt to soften his implication in the facts. Each and every one of these points was confirmed with a yes by the defendant during the interrogation.

During his opening statement to the jury, The prosecutor has already advanced that she would be willing to ask for 17 years in prison for the crime if the defendant admitted the facts. The situation of special vulnerability of the victim, who could not do to defend himself, determined that one of the most severe penalties contemplated in the Penal Code be requested for him: the reviewable permanent prison, which is equivalent to a life sentence. The prosecutor explained to the jury in her opening statement that could not ignore the mental problems of the accused. Although he was aware of his actions, he has a borderline personality disorder that causes an impulse control problem, aggravated by the mixture of alcohol, medications and antidepressants. “They are factors that I cannot ignore,” the prosecutor explained to the members of the jury, to whom she stressed that they will not have to rule on the penalties imposed on the accused. Only on the facts that have been proven or not during the trial.

“Remake your life”

For her part, the lawyer Concepción Ferrández Campillo, defense of the accused, was in charge of announcing during her speech to the popular court that the latter was going to admit the facts. «For him these are very hard times. In prison he has been able to recover and receive treatment for his problems. For him it is important, to be able to turn the page and try to rebuild his life, “he said.

During the previous days, the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense have been negotiating an agreement, by which the Public Ministry would ask for 17 years for the murder and another sentence of one year in prison for breaking the restraining order in exchange for the confession. Despite the recognition, the trial will continue this Tuesday, although without a large part of the witnesses who were scheduled. For these conformities, the doctrine of the Supreme Court establishes that only the mere confession of the accused is not enough. Other evidence is needed to substantiate the conviction.

Thus, the jury selection process lasted for more than two hours. The magistrate had to give one of the jurors a little slap on the ears, who for a moment took off their mask, reminding them of the sanitary protocols for interiors.

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