Thursday, September 16

“He doesn’t understand dignity or tragedy”: Donald Trump’s niece criticized him for going to a boxing event on 9/11

The former president participated as a commentator in the contest.

Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

In the surprising and fast Victor Beltfort win over Evander Holyfield there was an extra seasoning that caught the eye of viewers. Former United States President Donald Trump was a commentator on the combat and days ago he was promoting it. However, this fight It coincided with the 20 years of the fateful terrorist attack of September 11 and for this reason the former president was criticized, even by his niece.

“But it is entirely in line with what Donald (Trump) always does. He does not understand dignity, he does not understand tragedy, he does not understand anything that does not belong directly to him.”, He expressed Mary Trump, a relative of the controversial businessman, in an interview for CNN.

“The Donald ”was born in New York In this sense, the politician was expected to keep his corresponding mourning for the anniversary of a terrorist attack that mourned the entire North American territory. However, the former president decided to attend the boxing event.

“He will always push boundaries as long as he is allowed to do so and that’s the problem here: He is always allowed, always allowed to get away with it. So you and I may think it’s bizarre behavior, because it is for any decent human being, but firstly Donald Trump is not a decent human being and secondly, where are the criticisms?Mary said.

In fact, Trump’s attitude was contrasted by that of other former presidents who decided to attend 9/11 related tributes, totally opposite to that of “The Donald”.

“No one raises their voice on their side against their comments, so he’ll keep getting away with it as long as he can as long as they leave him”, Sentenced the niece of the former president.

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