Thursday, September 16

“He is the most radical president in Europe”




The political course started this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies with an exchange of reproaches between Pedro Sanchez and the opposition, with the rise in the electricity bill and the so-called dialogue table with the Generalitat as a backdrop. Despite the fact that the electricity bill has peaked again, the President of the Government has boasted of his short-term plan and has ensured, despite everything, that the general interest prevails in his strategy. That’s fair, because it is only fair that we all pitch in. The Government will always defend the interest of the citizens above any particular interest, ”Sánchez pointed out.

Pablo Casado has begun its battery of criticism with a certain irony, celebrating the return of the President of the Executive to the chamber 80 days later, in the midst of a crisis due to the exponential rise in electricity. A) Yes, the opposition leader has reproached him for not meeting any of the four goals he set months ago, alluding to the strike, the execution of European funds, the renewal of the CGPJ or the situation in Catalonia. “Solve the social and economic crisis, he is the president of a failed government, he is the most radical president in Europe and in the democratic history of Spain,” the PP deputy snapped.

Married, in that sense, he recalled the chief executive when he asked Mariano Rajoy to resign for the rise in electricity even when the percentage was much lower, 8 percent with the popular president and 200 percent today.

Sánchez has defended himself by putting in value of his plan to lower the electricity bill, announced this Tuesday and focused on withdrawing the extraordinary benefits of the electricity companies. The Prime Minister, precisely, has regretted that the opposition calls these measures confiscatory and has urged Casado to abandon the “no” and “tension” in the new course. “I ask you two things, that you comply with the Constitution and that when you leave Spain, speak well of your country,” he added in reference to the criticisms of the PP leader regarding vaccination or economic recovery before the summer.

Dialogue table

The second of the hot spots that have emerged in the first control session is the imminent bilateral table between the central Government and that of Catalonia, scheduled for this Thursday in the middle of the controversy generated by the umpteenth break between ERC and Junts. Esquerra’s spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has repeated the speech he already gave at a press conference on Tuesday and has warned Sánchez that if the negotiation fails, it will not be the fault of the independence movement, but of the left, which will open the door for PP and Vox come to power. «The independence movement alone will not disappoint, and it will go bad for all of us», Has valued.

The President of the Government, however, has avoided dwelling on this issue and has only made an allusion to the failed negotiation for the expansion of the El Prat airport and the division in the independence movement. “We are all divided except for the Government of the Generalitat, which agreed en bloc in favor of the expansion of El Prat,” he ironized before claiming the benefits of this project for Barcelona and Spain.

Among Sánchez’s interventions, another exchange of reproaches has been repeated with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, in the usual tone between the two. While Abascal has attacked him for “demonizing” his party, in a new reference to the false homophobic complaint in Madrid, the President of the Executive has accused him of defending a Spain in which “only you fit” and without the possibility of dialogue. “Get out of here now, Mr. Sánchez”, has insisted the president of Vox, who has reiterated his criticism for “agreeing with the enemies of Spain.”

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