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He makes a guitar with Ikea furniture that he had at home

Some are satisfied with giving them a coat of paint or putting some stickers on them. Others turn them into works of art that also produce music.

In TikTok, Instagram and company there are millions of hacks of IKEA. They are called like that home modifications to your furnitureto improve them, adapt them, or turn them into something else.

We have seen many crazy things, but none like this ikea hack from the YouTube channel tchiks guitars, which With IKEA furniture that he had at home, he has built… an electric guitar!

As you can see in the opening video of the news, it is a completely professional guitar that sounds wonderful. The construction process is very curious, and the biography of the builder, too.

The creator of the guitar with IKEA furniture is an anonymous person, on his channel he does not identify himself. We only know that he is Belgian.

The most incredible thing is that he is 34 years old, but his profession has nothing to do with carpentry or music, and he’s only been working with wood for 3 years.

In addition it is an autodidact, everything you know about DIY you have learned by watching YouTube videos and reading some books. Even so, he comes from his family, since his father was a carpentry teacher. “I hope knowing this inspires you to try new things.“, he explains in the presentation of his channel.

He has already built several guitars, but always following blueprints and using “official” materials. The legendary musician Brian May, guitarist for Queen, inspired him with the idea, since May builds his own guitars.


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When he told his wife that he was going to build a guitar with IKEA furnitureand she rolled her eyes and looked up at the sky, asking, “Why?“, knew that “This is the way“.

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In his original design, he was trying to emulate a real solid body guitar, so he had to find a way to do bent sides, not easy when all you have is Ikea stuff. Another problem he had was the only tonewood Ikea uses is acaciawhich he uses in some of his outdoor furniture, which he did not have at home.

The pickup is the only thing bought for this build. The bridge, the tuners, the spare frets and the electronic parts I already had. so in the end the guitar only cost him the price of the pickup.

This is the list of IKEA furniture she used:

  • Neck: STUVA cot
  • Body: HENRIKSDAL chair, LACK shelf
  • Fingerboard: MÅLERÅ cornice
  • Knobs: APTILIG cutting board
  • Cat exit plate: LILANGEN latch
  • Strap Buttons: KALLAX Insert Knob

The result is spectacular. A unique guitar that could sell for a good price. But this anonymous Belgian self-taught carpenter does not sell any of his constructions. And that, as he confesses, they have offered him dizzying figures….

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