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He moved house and within a few months, he began to get sick; he was unaware that his new home was toxic

Caroline Bowman rented a house in Windsor, outside Sydney, Australia, in order to be close to the university and resume his studies in legal services. However, soon after he got sick and he must have postponed his plans. Years later, he discovered that what was damaging his health was property.

In 2015, When the woman moved in, the 3-bedroom apartment was freshly painted and looked very well cared for. “You could smell the fresh paint. It seemed that they had also put a new carpet, “said Bowman to the Nine News portal, so everything seemed to be in order.

So far, everything seemed like a dream, but the woman began to get sick frequently and ended up fighting multiple chronic diseases. until She was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), a controversial pathology with some similarities to Lyme disease, which It is believed to be caused by exposure to mold.

Bowman did not understand where his painting could come from, until he was able to relate his move to his deteriorating health. Until she was 33 years old, when she settled in that house, she was a healthy person. Then, he questioned: Could your home be responsible for your illness?

“I was fine when I moved in, but after a few weeks I was feeling really bad. I had all those infections, sinusitis and chest infections, for which I had to go back to the doctor, “he recalled.

And he added: “I was diagnosed with asthma. I lost my appetite and lost about 15 kilos. I was in very deep pain and I couldn’t do anything ”.

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On one occasion, Bowman consulted the doctor for severe pain in his ear and, as he revealed, the specialist took a sample and “there was aspergillus mold” inside the canal.

Months after moving in, she began to see the ceiling in the bathroom was covered in mold. “Soon the whole roof was covered, it was horrible,” he said.

“At one point, I was cleaning the wall and I noticed that it wobbled a bit when I rubbed it. I poked her and she made a hole. It was growing inside the walls. They were black, “he said.

But after all these signs, Bowman acknowledged that he still did not link his illness to CIRS. She said doctors rushed to prescribe antibiotics for her infections, but later referred her to a psychologist who wanted to treat her symptoms with antidepressants. “However, I was sure that something was physically wrong, and finally I showed one of the doctors a photo of the mold in the bathroom,” the woman recalled.

The photograph horrified the specialist, who asked her: “Is that the bathroom in the house you live in?”, But it also shed light on what was causing her symptoms.

However, it was not easy for the victim to get the state agency Housing NSW to take her problem seriously.

So in 2017, Bowman moved in with his mother. Paid for a mold assessment that showed the extensive problems on the property. Finally, the house was sold in 2019 and its new owners made major renovations.

But the nightmare for Bowman continues: “He took my life,” said the woman about this house, which hid its worst enemy behind the walls. His recovery from CIRS was slow, he noted. “I have noticed an improvement since I moved. I definitely feel better than before, but there is still a long way to go, “he said.

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In addition to her respiratory problems, the woman suffers from mental confusion, fibromyalgia, a disease associated with fatigue and memory loss.

Bowman continues his treatment with a specialist doctor at CIRS, but revealed that he was prescribed a very expensive medication that was not discounted.

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