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He murdered his wife because he “wasted” the fortune they obtained thanks to the lottery

Much is said that money does not buy happiness, but it does facilitate it, since it comes to remedy several of the problems or conflicts that we can have in life and that if we solve it, we will surely have the stability that we desire so much.

If we are happy, surely your life will flow in the best way, including the subject of your relationship with your partner; However, money can cause many conflicts that could lead to a painful breakup.

An example of this are several couples to whom, the economic fortune came thanks to the lottery, and that also having won a great prize was the worst thing that could have happened to them in life, since just as money came to them in full hands, love quickly vanished, triggering separations and even worse.

That’s what happened to him to a married couple originally from Canada, who went from the greatest joys of obtaining a significant lottery prize to the worst of misfortunes marked by a terrible crime.

Roncaioli Ibi was a woman of Hungarian origin but who had lived in that country for many years and She had married a renowned gynecologist named Joseph Roncaioli.

In 1999, Ibi, who owned a beauty salon, radically changed her life when she and a friend played the lottery and both of them they obtained a prize equivalent to $ 10 million dollars.

The first thing this couple did with money was to buy a large mansion equipped with a swimming pool and sauna.

4 years later, just when the couple had an appointment with a real estate broker to buy a new house, he came to the appointment and discovered Ibi dead and whose body had many mysterious injection marks on the legs and feet.

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The authorities launched an investigation into the case and the autopsy revealed that the woman had died from a cocktail of drugs that someone had intentionally injected into her for a long time.

So The first suspect in the death of Ibi was her husband Joseph, since on the day of his wife’s death, he was seen in a suspicious attitude and completely drunk.

In the investigations it came to light that after winning the lottery, the relationship of this couple collapsed, because she became obsessed with gambling and squandered her prize and also the little fortune they had amassed years ago.

It was also learned that the victim led a double life, since I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and last but not least, weeks before dying, the gynecologist learned that his wife had given $ 2 million of her lottery prize to a son she had before marrying him and whose existence she was completely unaware, and about $ 800,000 to another child she had out of wedlock with Joseph.

That is why the judge in the case, Jane Ferguson, pointed out that Joseph had premeditatedly murdered his wife, which could be verified when the toxicological tests carried out on the victim showed that she had been being injected with various types of substances for 6 months before her death.

Prosecutors in the case indicated that the man did it because of the annoyance caused by his wife wasting the money that in theory, it was to live quietly in retirement. The doctor was found guilty and sentenced to spend several years in prison.

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