Wednesday, October 20

He murders his roommate for not paying the month’s rent




The screams coming from inside a house alerted, at one thirty in the morning yesterday, the neighbors of number 62 of the street of Santa Engracia. Frightened by the discussion, several went to the landing to see what was happening in this eight-story building in the district of Chamberí; others decided to look out the windows. It was then that they discovered fleeing one of the residents and another, the victim, lying on the ground floor with abundant blood, after being stabbed for, supposedly, not paying the rent.

The events unfolded after midnight, when the two men of Spanish nationality got into a aggressive fight It ended in the worst possible way. The economic disagreements between them they would have been the cause of the tragedy. The first hypotheses suggest that the murderer, aged 48, was the tenant owner of the house, since the contract was in his name, but, in order not to face one hundred percent of the rent and the expenses of supplies, the now arrested would have re-let the other rooms.

In one of them lived the victim, aged 51, who apparently had not paid his share of the last monthly payment, reason that sparked the brawl. Later, and after a while of shouting and arguing, the tenant, seized with fury and beside himself, took a White weapon with which he repeatedly stabbed the victim in the chest. It is now being investigated whether other people who would have rented the rooms also lived in the home they shared despite not having the power to do so.

Upon seeing the terrible scene, the neighbors called 091 and 112, which forwarded the notice to Emergencies of the Madrid City Council. When the Samur-Civil Protection toilets arrived at the home they could do nothing to save the life of the man, who had fallen collapsed on the ground floor landing and was in cardiorespiratory arrest. As they explain to ABC, the resuscitation of the deceased was not possible and the body was not even manipulated, which had abundant bleeding, which is why they cannot specify the amount of stabbing he had received.

To the scene of the events, agents of the Violent Crimes Group (DEVI) of the Scientific Police, who carried out a technical inspection of the house, as well as investigators from the Group VI Homicides, who have taken over the investigation.

After fleeing on the run and leaving the other resident, the tenant and now a murderer, lying on the ground, he would have wandered through several streets in the center of Madrid, trying not to be hunted. But, finally, he was located by agents of the Citizen Attention Group in the Recoletos walk, almost two kilometers from where the events occurred. The investigation continues open to be able to clarify everything that happened.

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