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“He patted our butt and kissed and tickled us”




The controversial sentence that acquits the 6th grade teacher Alejandro Sergio GV, a 49-year-old Spaniard, who gave classes to boys and girls aged 11 and 12 in the Santa Isabel-La Asunción school, in Madrid, gives full credibility to the testimony of the four complaining girls (who are still minors) and even states that the defendant himself acknowledges the facts (he did so in the investigation phase, as he refused to testify at the oral hearing) .

However, the court, at the end of the ruling and after the proven facts, considers that the acts of the individual, although “inappropriate for a teacher” they did not have “unequivocal content or sexual bias”: “Without having reached the certainty that he performed them in order to satisfy his sexual desires.”

«You can break the hearts you want»

Moreover, they detail the following, in their defense: “The acts narrated by the minors were carried out by the accused in class or in the yard, in the presence of other students. None of the touching was made on the sexual organs or erogenous parts of the minors, in their vaginal or pectoral areas, but on the hands, hair, back, waist or legs. The kisses were given on the cheeks and hands. In the whispers he said innocuous words (…), without introducing any nuance of a sexual nature -which is also not appreciated in the phrase ‘you can break the hearts you want’, said by L.-. The slaps on the ass consisted of a touch, above the clothes, small, weak, that did not hurt, friendly, that was accompanied by the expression ‘come, pull’, to make it move ».

Alejandro had been working at Santa Isabel since 1999 and, in the 2017-2018 academic year, he was a teacher and tutor of 6th grade of Primary. Among the 25 boys and girls in a class under her charge were the four who commented on the events. «From the beginning of the course, to show a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a certain familiarity and trust (…) he carried out various gestures, such as patting or kicking them gently on the butt, hugging them, directing them to stand on their leg, stroking their hair, hand, leg, back or tickling them, speaking in a low voice very close to their ear, kissing their hands and cheeks, or placing a finger between the elastic of the skirt and the waist of a student while leaning on his leg, moving his hand from right to left, following the line of the waist ».

“He made us hug him”

The court accepts the testimonies of the girls. The first one «stated in a generic way that He gave them in the ass, forced them to hug him, give him kisses and sit on his legs to ask questions”. «One day, the teacher opened his arms to hug her, but as they reached the walls and He wouldn’t let me pass, I slipped between his legs, without finally hugging me. On one occasion when he did not want to sit on his leg, he complained like this: «Well, I get angry and I can’t breathe».

The testimonies of kisses on the face are repeated (without approaching the mouth and the “blows on the ass”, “always above clothing, although once he touched her back under the shirt and pulled it out quickly».

Back massages under the t-shirt

The second student alludes to the fact that the teacher used to “massage and tickle her back, under her shirt”, kisses on the face, “tell her secrets to her ear, like the notes, without saying dirty things” and that, like her She did not want to sit on him, on one occasion she “touched his leg.” And he reports more blows to the buttocks. “I thought he was doing it to make me feel more comfortable.”

The third girl repeats situations like the previous ones and recognizes that the teacher was “Very cloying and weird». «On some occasion, when I was sitting on his leg, he took the polo shirt out of her skirt and ran his finger around her waist», Picks up the sentence.

“15 types of acts”

The fourth girl said that, although “he was a very good, nice and friendly teacher, You could not talk normally with him because he told him to sit on his lap or, in the morning, when I greeted him, I kissed his hand ».

To her, one day some classmates called her a “heartbreaker.” What did the teacher do when he heard that? Well, he whispered in her ear: “You can break any hearts you want.” Precisely,
The parents of this student were the ones who shouted to the sky when their daughter, at home, told them on the first weekend of February 2018 that the teacher was called “tocaculos.”

The girls drew up a list “of up to fifteen types of acts performed” by the individual. The parents of the pups talked to each other and saw the same pattern. They communicated the facts to the management of the college, which suspended the defendant from his job and salary.

The prosecutor asked for 16 years in prison for four crimes of continuous sexual abuse of minors, 5 years without being able to work with children, a restraining order of 200 meters for 5 years and solitary confinement with these 10-year-old girls. He has been acquitted and now there is an appeal.

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