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He sang to promote Spanish in Madrid after criticizing the beach bars

«The golden age of plugs and finger contracts in the Valencian Community is going to end, Ciudadanos will approve a law anti plugs Y anti-fingerprint».

The electoral campaign of the regional elections of 2019 was running and the candidate of Citizens to preside over the Consell, Toni Cantó, supported a good part of his campaign in the complaint that in the structure of the Generalitat there were too many beach bars and that an “army” of plugged-ins worked under his command. “We are going to eliminate the beach bars, that money will go to education, health, dependency and lower taxes,” he assured at rallies and repeated on his social networks.

Even many of those chiringuitos, according to Cantó, were related to the Valencian. «The language also ends up creating more beach bars; here there are those who enrich themselves in the name of the Valencian language, “he said in an interview.

The then leader of Ciudadanos also denounced the cornering of Spanish, a language that, according to what he came to say, was in danger in the Valencian Community due to the policies of the left. And in the less than two years in which he was the leader of Cs, he always put the Diaz Ayuso Executive as a model of government, even when the Covid figures left him in evidence.

But now Cantó will work in a newly created position, related to a language and by direct appointment of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who yesterday announced her appointment as area director of the Spanish Office, a position that Until now it did not exist in the organization chart.

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Very critical of the popular

It is not the first time that the newspaper library denies the also actor who, at the time, was very critical of the popular, whom he asked not to vote because they were the party of corruption. Precisely the appointment of Ayuso invalidates the discourse of the popular against enchufismo. In addition, according to the Transparency portal of the Community of Madrid, the position of area director is remunerated with 75,084 euros, while the one he held in the Cortes, as a deputy with the complement of the Catalan Ombudsman, had emoluments of 65,691 euros, for what in the new charge will charge up to ten thousand euros more.

In this way, the former leader of Citizens in the Valencian Community finds a job accommodation more than three months after his resignation from the autonomous seat.

He sang, who before Ciudadanos was already a member of UPyD, announced in Parliament that he would return to his old job after leaving the regional chamber and then ruled out that he could sign for another party. “You overestimate me,” he came to say. He also assured then that he was going on strike and that he was not going to accept lessons from “those who lay back.” Those days he indicated that he would accept any proposal from television producers that had come to him. But that did not happen.

He did not take long to start campaigning in favor of Ayuso for the May 4 elections to the Community of Madrid. And just ten days after leaving the Valencian Parliament, the PP made the signing of the actor official. It was a star incorporation, with which the PP dynamited Citizens by taking one of its most mediatic positions.

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Ayuso included him in the fifth position of his candidacy after the mediation of the national leadership of the PP led by Pablo Casado and after his notorious break with Ciudadanos, just the day of the unsuccessful censorship operation in Murcia that blew up the orange party.

But Cantó failed to become a deputy in the Madrid Assembly because the Constitutional Court thwarted that possibility by determining that he had not registered in the Community of Madrid in time to be part of the electoral list. Cantó continued to campaign while he seemed to be waiting for a position in the new Díaz Ayuso government that did not arrive in the first appointment since the president preferred as a counselor the also former Citizens Marta Rivera in charge of the Department of Culture, although the new position created it depends on that same counseling.

Capital of Spanish in Europe

Ayuso justifies the new position in the intention of turning Madrid into the capital of Spanish in Europe and the appointment yesterday revolutionized social networks, in which Cantó himself is a regular.

The criticisms of the rest of the formations were not long in coming. Many Valencian leaders criticized Cantó’s appointment in what they considered a custom-made beach bar while outpatient clinics were closed in the Community of Madrid.

“He will continue doing theater from an invented beach bar that will be useless,” said Compromís spokesman Joan Baldoví. Unides Podem’s trustee, Pilar Lima, added that she represents the worst of democracy.

Cantó thanked Ayuso: «Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and generates many opportunities to create wealth and employment; the left and nationalism have not wanted to take advantage of them, Madrid, yes, “he said.

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