Tuesday, June 28

He stabs his brother in Seville: he is in the ICU in serious condition

Weapon with which the detainee stabbed his brother, seriously injuring him.

Weapon with which the detainee stabbed his brother, seriously injuring him.

The National Police has arrested and brought to justice to JJNS as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of tattempted murder for stabbing his brother with a kitchen knife, leaving him seriously injured on the public highway, facts for which he has entered prison on a preventive basis.

In the search of the home, the weapon used and the clothes he was wearing on the day of the events were located, as reported in a statement by the General Directorate of the Police. The events occurred on July 16, when the 091 room received a call related to the stabbing of a person on Don Fabrique street in Seville and the author’s flight.

Once a police call sign appeared at the scene, he verified that The 35-year-old victim was being assisted by health personnel, being transferred due to the severity of the injury to the Virgen Macarena University Hospital.

Due to the fact that the victim presented perforation of several vital organs, the Seville Homicide Group took charge of the investigation and clarification of the facts, being necessary to point out that the wounded man had to be operated on twice and is currently recovering in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Despite the fact that the events occurred in broad daylight and in front of witnesses, no one could recognize the author, who also wore a mask and cap; However, from the investigation procedures carried out, as well as from the viewing of security cameras, surveillance and surveillance, it was concluded that the perpetrator of the stabbing had been the victim’s younger brother, another 28-year-old male.

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This person, at around 8.50 pm on the day of the events, met his brother in the gardens of Parliament, having a discussion with him to transfer him to the place where he was staying, gave him a stab in the stomach unexpectedly that left him seriously wounded, fleeing the place on foot and leaving his brother badly wounded.

Address registration

In the search carried out on July 29 at the home of the detainee, it was possible to find the knife used for the attack as well as the clothes he was wearing on the day of the events. The home where the perpetrator was found was a hostess house where were they several women of Spanish nationality practicing prostitution, which is why in said registry it was supported by the Provincial Brigade for Foreigners and Borders, although criminal proceedings were not derived from the actions carried out with these women. The detainee, who has a police record, was brought to justice, and his immediate imprisonment was decreed on a provisional basis.


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