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He wanted to offer an armchair on Facebook and he almost ended up selling his baby

The mother inadvertently uploaded the photo of her son to her offer.

The mother inadvertently uploaded the photo of her son to her offer.

Photo: Andreas Wohlfahrt / Pexels

Social networks are not only used to interact with our acquaintances Or, to meet people who are literally on the other side of the world; You can also do business in them by offering different services and products.

But we must be very careful when we publish an item for sale, since we could be offering, by mistake, something that we do not want to get rid of.

That was what happened to a young mother of 20 years, originally from the United Kingdom, which She was severely criticized on Facebook after she wanted to put an armchair up for sale in a group of said social network but by mistake ended up “offering” her 7-month-old baby.

The mother named Lucy Battle told LeedsLive that she had just bought a new chair and that she was urgent to get rid of the old one, so she went to Facebook with the intention of giving it away or selling it to whoever needed it. Then, He selected some photographs of the furniture and uploaded them with the text: “I need you to leave today.”

But Lucy did not realize that the first photo in her advertisement was nothing more and nothing less than a picture of her son Oscar.

Immediately, people who read her offer questioned whether it was a mistake or whether the young Burley, England resident actually wanted to get rid of her baby.

And yes, it was indeed a mistake made by Lucy, because she did not realize that when selecting the photos of her old armchair, she also chose one where her baby posed for the camera with a black hat that had her name embroidered on it.

“Somehow I managed to upload the wrong photo when I was choosing them from my camera roll and unfortunately (one) was from Oscar!” The mother stated.

(Capture Facebook)

The mother had not realized her mistake until she received dozens of notifications for the offer of the chair. When he reviewed it, he saw the photo of his baby, he wanted to delete it immediately; however, he was unable to remove it from his ad.

Fortunately, most people took their mistake with a sense of humor. Some users asked her to tell how the child behaved with other babies to see if they could live together, while a woman proposed to “exchange” him for her adolescent son.

Although obviously everyone understood that it was a funny mistake that went viral, Lucy did point out that she was wrong and did not really want to sell her baby. And for their good luck, there were those who quickly became interested in the armchair.

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