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Health allows to overlap the vaccination ages to complete the campaign faster in summer




After this Tuesday the Public Health Commission approved the following age groups that will receive the coronavirus vaccine, the Minister of Health has cleared up the doubts that some communities had about vaccinating the rest of the population as soon as possible. «The ideal would be to follow those descendant groups, but It is not something tight or limiting, on the contrary, they can overlap“Carolina Darias said at the press conference after the Interterritorial Council held this Wednesday.

The person in charge of Health has remarked, in this sense, that “The highway is now open to circulate and continue vaccinating”, with the aim ahead of puncturing citizens and that the vaccination rate does not decline at any time despite the summer season.

On the other hand, in the meeting between the Ministry and the Health Councilors of the regions, the decision to relax the use of the mask in certain spaces has not been addressed and they have been summoned to take it to the following Sectorial Conferences. Some communities came to the Council asking for flexibility in each territory, but for the moment nothing has been agreed on in this regard and they have begun to continue working. Carolina Darias, asked up to six times about the measure, has insisted that the decision will be made “soon” and in a “coordinated” manner among all. The minister has referred to the words of Pedro Sánchez this Wednesday, which has also influenced that the end of outdoor masks will come soon.

France, with a lower level of coverage of the population, has already announced that from Thursday it will exempt its citizens from wearing masks outdoors. In the neighboring country only 21.4% have received the full regimen, compared to 28% in Spain and 45.3% have received at least one dose compared to 46.5% of Spaniards.

Regarding the announcement that Janssen will not be able to send the promised doses to the European Union after the contamination of its vaccines in its production plant in the United States, the minister explained that it will not affect the immunization deadlines promised by the Executive. This week, as he has realized, 3.2 million doses will arrive, and next they will land 4, the majority (3 million) of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. “We are going to have more vaccines and continue to puncture at cruising speed, like a shot,” explained Darias.

Another of the points that divide those responsible for Health from the autonomies is that of vaccination of tourists or displaced persons during the holidays. In this sense, Carolina Darias has insisted that to make a decision «there must be consensus», Because the position is not unanimous. However, he stressed that, after the decision of the Public Health Commission to cover more age groups, “a highway is opened that will allow the objective to be carried out even in the summer season.”

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