Sunday, December 3

Health and autonomies propose new measures to stop the sixth wave

Health and communities address this Wednesday the update of anticovid measures in massive sporting events before the constant increase of infections in the sixth wave, in a meeting in which the possibility of shorten quarantines.

These are some of the issues that will be analyzed the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, with the health officials of the autonomies in the Interterritorial Health Council, whose agenda also includes the approach to the epidemiological situation, at a time of explosion of infections in all territories, driven by the omicron variant.

The incidence of covid has skyrocketed to 1,360 cases, with a new maximum of daily infections, which have occurred for a week, when the exponential escalation of the transmission of the virus began, without for the moment having an impact on hospital pressure with the same intensity as previous waves.

The proposal to reduce quarantines must be approved by the Public Health Commission (Health technicians and communities), which is not scheduled to meet this week, which does not mean that it will be discussed this Wednesday in the Interterritorial Council, as well as other questions that each territory wants to raise.

The proposal is gaining weight after the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, will not rule out in an interview in RNE shortening the isolation times, as it defends that the action protocols be updated to face the pandemic based on its evolution.

Andalusia and the Community of Madrid are the communities that had launched the proposal hours before to reduce quarantines, considering that the sixth wave should be approached with different measures.

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These two communities have spoken out afters Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended on Monday to cut the quarantine period for those infected with asymptomatic covid-19 for ten to five days, a measure that Italy is considering and that has already been announced by Greece with the premise of “not paralyzing” the operation of the country.

New measures have also emerged that communities are adopting in the face of the explosion of infections and to prevent the collapse of Primary Care centers, among them the simplification of the processes for the recognition of a positive, as Galicia has done in the last hours.

The Xunta consider an antigen test sufficient at home without the need to confirm later through a PCR.

Therefore, the reflection of these positives by self-test in the statistics of covid cases of the Ministry of Health It is another of the issues that Darias and the councilors could address, since as explained by the Community of Madrid, the region dumps them in its regional data, but not in those of the national surveillance system.

This is because at the national level there is still there is no agreement on the criteria that these positive results must meet by self-diagnostic test to be accounted for in the same way throughout the territory, according to Madrid health officials.

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