Friday, June 18

Health and Education join forces to act quickly in cases of adolescent depression

“Teachers try to detect risk situations among students”



Restrictions, social isolation, economic and family problems, loss of loved ones, uncertainty about the future and dependence on social networks as the only way to socialize during the pandemic have ended up taking a toll on the mental health of minors. Especially vulnerable adolescents, who have seen their lives go into a negative loop that they have not been able to overcome.

The experts consulted by this newspaper point to early detection as the only possible way to stop this situation. Prevention is no longer possible after 14 months immersed in a situation completely unknown to society as a whole. The effects are no longer avoidable and, furthermore, the solutions cannot be applied because they necessarily involve abolishing the measures imposed by the health authorities to prevent the transmission of the virus. At this crossroads, applying a therapeutic treatment on time becomes the only way out to avoid misfortunes or serious psychiatric illnesses, which can become chronic.

“We have had to reinforce the staff at the hospital due to the increase in cases”



At IES Monastil de Elda, teachers are especially aware of this problem. “Through tutorials, and also class activities where we deal with the issue of the pandemic, we try to detect risk situations among our students,” explains the director of the center, Ana Esteve. In those cases the matter is approached from a psychological approach. But if the problem is serious then the parents are informed and the Mental Health professionals are referred. “Adolescents are very sensitive and we have detected that they need emotional assistance,” adds Esteve. That is why in several institutes in Elda a psychologist hired by Youth is offering courses.

The head of the Psychiatric Hospitalization Unit of the Elda Health Department, Eulalia Carrato, has confirmed the increase in emergencies in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit. “A circumstance for which we have had to reinforce the staff at the hospital. We have all suffered to a greater or lesser extent social isolation and deprivation of playful situations, trips and meetings with family and friends. But those with an unstable balance can find themselves out of balance. Either because of the stressors of the pandemic or because there were hidden disorders that the confinement has brought to the fore, the truth is that it is a phenomenon that is occurring in the same way in many areas “, explains Carrato.

“It is advisable to attend workshops on emotional management and social skills”



Also, the psychologist and neuropsychologist María Gómez is treating more cases than usual of adolescents and pre-adolescents with disorders. Something that in his opinion is due to the fact that they lack emotional tools, while at the same time they greatly increase their levels of demand to be the most outstanding among their peers. «The advisable thing is to go to workshops on emotion management and social skills, get out of the house and play sports. But always with limits “, emphasizes the expert.

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