Monday, October 25

Health authorizes 20 large business centers to vaccinate their workers

The Ministry of Health has advanced that 20 business centers in the Community Valencian They will be able to vaccinate their employees in order not to interrupt their production process. The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, has specified that any of these centers “must be authorized by Health.” The agreement between the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, the CEV and the Generalitat aims to “facilitate the vaccination of employees of the most important firms in the Valencian Community without having to interrupt company productionl at a time when economic growth is key to recovering normality, ”Barceló pointed out.

From the CEV they affirm that they will start the process from day 8. All the selected firms must comply with the procedures that are being carried out for the rest of the population, in addition to vaccinating their personnel according to the cohort established by Health and at the same time as it is done to the rest of the population. That is, they will vaccinate their workers according to the age group that is receiving the vaccine in the rest of the Community. The people who appear in the lists provided by the companies will be excluded from the Health lists and those who carry out vaccination work in the firms will receive Public Health training.

Third dose

On the other hand, the laboratories that manufacture the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna have already announced that a third dose will be required in late summer. Experts consulted by this newspaper recall that many of the vaccines that we currently use require booster doses to increase their effectiveness, but they ask governments for more studies applied to covid vaccines so that, in any case, this decision of whether there is than to put a third dose, it does not fall into the hands of the pharmaceutical companies.

JOSÉ TUELLS, PUBLIC HEALTH SPECIALIST: “A booster dose can help protect 10% of people who do not create antibodies”


“A third dose of the vaccine can help reinforce the effectiveness of vaccines, which is currently around 90%,” he recalls Jose Tuells, specialist in Public Health and professor at the UA. That remaining 10% are people who have not generated antibodies with the two doses of the vaccine, “so a booster dose can help complete” their immunization process. The epidemiologist Jose Maria Lopez Lozano remember that many of the vaccines that we use today need a booster dose, “so it should not surprise us that the same happens with those that are being developed against the coronavirus”

JUAN FRANCISCO NAVARRO, SOCIEDAD VALENCIANA PREVENTIVE MEDICINE “Studies must be carried out to measure infections between vaccinated and how many antibodies they generate”


The president of the Valencian Society of Preventive Medicine, Juan Francisco Navarro, For his part, he believes that who should have the last word on a souvenir dose and when is the health authorities. “This decision should not be left to the laboratories and must be made based on studies that are carried out following the vaccinated population and looking not only at the number of infections, but also the cellular immunity that is generated.”

José María López Lozano, epidemiologist: «Many of the vaccines that are given today need two as a booster. It is not new”



The Pfizer lab delay in delivering your weekly shipment of vaccines has prevented this Monday from launching the “Vaccinodromes” in 40 municipalities of the province. From the Ministry of Health they indicated yesterday that the opening of will move to this Tuesday.

Barcala, after receiving the vaccine: “The organization is impressive”

Barcala, after receiving the vaccine: “The organization is impressive”

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, has received this Monday the first dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. The councilor has been summoned first thing in the morning, which has allowed him to continue with his municipal agenda. At the end of the meeting, and in a relaxed atmosphere with the rest of the representatives of the municipal groups, Barcala has valued the process of vaccination in City of Light, developed by the Generalitat Valenciana. “The organization has been impressive and the treatment, spectacular. You can not leave more satisfied, “said the mayor. In his profile on the Instagram social network, Barcala (March 1962) has made a plea in favor of vaccination against covid: “By getting vaccinated we can not only save our lives, but also that of others. Therefore, I encourage you to do it to all Alicante when the time comes, just as I had today with the first dose. The sooner we are all vaccinated, the sooner we can come together to celebrate that we have defeated the pandemic. Together we will get it”.

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