Thursday, October 28

Health can only vaccinate one in six elderly in nursing homes due to lack of dose

Vaccination in a nursing home in the province on Three Kings Day.

Health recognizes that it does not have all the vaccines that it would like so it calculates that until the middle of this month of February it will not be able to cover all the residences for the elderly. At least one in six residents are awaiting the corresponding immunization, one thousand of these elderly in the province of Alicante, 14% of the total, according to data provided by the Aerte employer.

Every day counts. With the current situation, the vaccination process would have to be terminated immediately, ”says José María Toro, president of the Business Association of nursing homes and dependency services in the Community.

Remember that those centers for the elderly that had had an outbreak of covid when the vaccination started at the end of December, were postponed and the immunization process was resumed on January 11, «but as of January 18 it began to be suspended from new, undated, the administration of the first doses to the oldest pending, in order to have second doses for those vaccinated.

The lack of vaccines has therefore left thousands of older people pending. Toro emphasizes that the elderly in nursing homes, given their vulnerability to the virus, “should be prioritized and they should have saved the doses that were needed to administer them as soon as possible.”

However, as the spokesperson for the centers for the elderly regretted yesterday, “thousands of health professionals have been vaccinated, which seems good to us, but without taking into account that small reserve, with which we do not agree,” he says. the president of Aerte.

From the Ministry of Health they foresee that at the latest the residents pending vaccination will receive the dose next week, between February 8 and 14. They add to questions from this newspaper that as soon as Moderna’s vaccines arrive, this week, 1,000 doses will be put in pending residences, and that vaccination will also continue with Pfizer vials.

But the representative of the centers for the elderly is not satisfied, he thinks that the expected period “is too long because the epidemiological situation in the Community is one of the most serious in Spain, according to the indicators of the Ministry of Health, and this makes it more necessary accelerate the vaccination process because people over 80 years of age are at a very high risk ”.

And he concludes that if, in addition, the doses are of Moderna’s vaccine, “the period between the first and the second is 20 days, and the immunization period begins 14 days after the second dose, which extends that immunity for another fourteen days. days compared to Pfizer, ”Toro alerts.

The Official College of Physicians of Alicante does not find it enough, from the outset, the 600 doses of Moderna that Health has planned this week to begin the vaccination process of health professionals in private centers. “It would be totally insufficient because only in the province of Alicante over 1,500 doctors practice in the private sector”, point out from the presidency that exercises Dr. Isabel Moya.

They also warn that the rest of the health personnel would have to be vaccinated later “to strictly comply with the precautionary measures approved by the judicial order, which the Ministry of Health is obliged to comply with without excuse or delay,” they specify from the College.

First-line health workers against covid in private centers in the province, there are many who feel discriminated against compared to their colleagues in public centers, when they are treating all types of patients, whether they come from one or another health system.

They regret not having received any forecast on the vaccines to receive in order to organize the injection of the doses, and recall that they receive covid patients from saturated public hospitals, while they themselves are suffering casualties due to infections, which severely hinders care at all levels . Finally, they warn that medical losses affect the entire population, and that Health should not discriminate against them in vaccination.

Health hopes to receive 4,000 more vaccines from Moderna next week, and hopes that in the interterritorial meeting tomorrow Wednesday, with the Ministry of Health, “they will tell us that more vaccines are arriving than those announced and we can accelerate more”, they conclude.

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