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Health concludes that the doctor filed by Armengol provided correct medical care

Palma de Mallorca



The doctor from the Son Pisà health center in Palma filed for an alleged “linguistic aggression” acted correctly and the investigation is complete. However, the Balearic Islands Health Service has preferred not to make it public so far. As ABC has been able to confirm, the interviews carried out by the Human Resources department have determined that Yolanda, the doctor denounced for not having “wanted to understand” a patient in Catalan, had a correct attitude and in accordance with regulations and professional ethics. In this way, the IB Salut will close the investigation of a case indoors for the moment that, however, has led to, from now on, the government headed by the socialist Francina Armengol open an information file to all health workers who receive a complaint for linguistic reasons.

Salud opened a “confidential information” this week to analyze whether the complaint of the son of a 79-year-old patient to the Office for the Defense of Linguistic Rights had “basis.” According to the old woman’s descendant, the journalist Bartomeu Font, through her Twitter account @cocovermallorca, the doctor did not want to “understand Catalan” and that meant “a lack of respect for Majorcans.”

Until this Wednesday, the IB-Salut did not contact the coordinator of the Son Pisà center to collect the version of the doctor. She denied the “linguistic aggression” and assured that she understands Catalan perfectly, that she has never asked any patient to change her language and insisted that she only informed the lady that she was going to address her in Spanish because, although she has been In mallorca, is best handled in their mother tongue.

Backed by your peers

Yolanda, who despite being very affected has continued to treat patients, has been supported by all your outpatient staff and its coordinator, who went to the Primary Care Management to unsuccessfully request protection against what they considered a case of defenselessness. His colleagues did not give credibility to the complaint and described it as «political circus» between the PSOE and its government partners, Podemos and the nationalists of Més.

The Balearic Medical Association (Comib) has remained silent while waiting to reach a consensus on a position that arrived last Friday in the form of a statement. In its letter, the College says that it “understands that political representatives and institutions promote a constructive and enriching debate on language policy” and avoid directly referring to Yolanda, which a part of the sector has described as an equidistant message.

The Balearic Medical Union (Simebal) has not made any pronouncement waiting to see how the whole process evolved, although he has provided help to the doctor and has given her personalized support from union delegates. Simebal has always defended that both doctors and patients can express themselves in either of the two languages ​​and maintains that Catalan should be a merit and not a requirement to work in public health.

The controversy arose last Monday when the Balearic Government promised to expedite all the toilets who were denounced for language issues and began the investigation of the doctor from the Son Pisà health center.

Health records

This alleged case of linguistic discrimination, uncovered on August 30, led to a cascade of reactions of Catalanism in the Balearic Islands, from graffiti on a wall of the ambulatory to threats of mobilizations, through the dissemination of the data of the complaints collected by the Office for the Defense of Linguistic Rights or the publication of an opinion article signed by it and not by a named position and surnames. The crisis within the Government pact, formed by PSOE, United We Can and the nationalists of Més, was closed for the moment last Monday with an express meeting after which the Balearic Executive agrees, among other things, to open an information file -and if necessary, then sanctioning- any health worker reported to the Office of Language Rights. This entity was created by the Balearic Government to alleviate the “pain of not speaking Catalan”, as recognized by the Minister of Education, Martí March, in the presentation of said body at the end of 2020.

The decision of the Balearic Government to open an information file to all the health workers reported in the Office of Language Rights worries many health professionals, who believe that they are left helpless in the face of any false complaint. Meanwhile, the Obra Cultura Balear, a counterpart to the Catalan Òmnium Cultural, celebrated that the Balearic Government “begins to react” to “linguistic discrimination thanks to media pressure.”

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