Friday, September 17

Health decides to vaccinate the players of the Spanish team with covid

  • The concentration of Luis Enrique has been reduced to 22 players after the positives of Busquets and Diego Llorente

  • In the test run carried out this Wednesday at the concentration in Spain, no new positive was detected

  • The alternative bubble of the selection grows with eleven additions from the under-21 team that played against Lithuania

After having tried that the opinion on the vaccination of the team before the start of the Eurocup was executed by the Health Committee Public, who was inhibited from making the decision, the next attempt was this Wednesday in the Interterritorial Committee of Health, but the Ministry of Health I didn’t want any more surprises, no more delays. Ministerial sources were in charge of announcing before the meeting between the Minister of Health and the councilors of the Autonomous Communities that the decision had been taken and that the Spanish team is going to be vaccinated soccer.

Like the Olympians, the vaccines will be administered by Army medical personnel this Thursday in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas, in the absence of deciding whether it will be with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine with which, according to experts, they will gain immunity until reaching considerable levels beyond a week. The second dose would be after the first phase of the continental tournament.

The whole expedition of the Spanish team will be vaccinated, not only the players and the coaching staff, but also the entire work team that accompanies the selection and the eleven members of the alternative bubble, the spare parts in case it is necessary to make substitutions in the squad list start the tournament next Monday in Seville in view of Sweden. Changes to the final list that you have not decided Luis Enrique Before that game, they can no longer be done, unless one of the goalkeepers is injured or is positive.

In the Interterritorial Committee the question was not submitted to debate, the minister Carolina Darias it limited itself to informing the Health Councilors of the Autonomous Communities of the decision. The ministry assumes the decision to vaccinate the team within the scope of its powers, with the arguments that the team is a group of athletes who represent Spain in an international competition, as the Olympians will do in Similar, and due to the fear that an outbreak of the virus will cause the expulsion of the national team from the tournament.

No new positive

The 22 internationals who remain in the main concentration of Spain continue to train individually, with daily rounds of tests and a case that the situation is considered an outbreak, but for now the third day has brought relief: no positive in any of the two selection bubbles.

Of the above cases, it is already in the public domain that a direct contact of Busquets He tested positive last Friday, four days after the start of the concentration and before the game that he played that same day against Portugal, after 6 negative tests for the coronavirus. Also that the team went to dinner on the day off before the friendly. The fact is that the Barcelona player tested positive and, after midnight on Tuesday, it was made public that Diego Llorente it was also positive and had to give up the concentration.

The alternative bubble grows

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Meanwhile, the selection has prepared an alternative concentration where they await the possible replacements of the positives, if so decided by Luis Enrique, or of new cases to appear. In addition to the six footballers that the Federation claimed from their vacations to start training (Kepa, Albiol, Fornals, Soler, Brais and Rodrigo) Eleven of the U21s who played and won (4-0) the friendly against Lithuania have also joined the parallel bubble, with names such as Cucurella, Mingueza, Miranda, Gonzalo Villar, Bryan Gil, Javi Puado or Yéremy Pino remaining behind. the wait.

On the horizon of all uncertainty appears the vaccination as the solution to all the ills of the selection, a measure already taken late, which has had a government announcement and delays in its approval; but with which the immunization process of the internationals is going to overlap with the start of the tournament.

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