Thursday, December 3

Health detects 579 new coronavirus infections in the province of Alicante

An ambulance accessing Elda Hospital this week.

An ambulance accessing Elda Hospital this week.

The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has detected 579 new infections of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, according to the balance that has been made public this Saturday. With that, the number of accumulated cases amounts to 31.923, while in the Community as a whole it is 93,169, after the 1,005 that have been counted between yesterday and today in the province of Valencia and the 162 in the demarcation of Castellón. Further, there are 13 other unassigned infections to no province yet, which are added to the 2 that were already in this situation.

Since the previous data update, 30 new covid-19 outbreaks have been located throughout the Community, six of them in the province of Alicante. They have been registered in Alcoy (5 cases, work origin), Elche (4 cases, educational field), Ibi (4 cases, work origin), Torrevieja (3 cases, social origin), Crevillent (6 cases, work origin) and Elda (6 cases, work origin).

Today’s balance of Health shows, however, the hopeful data that the number of hospitalized has decreased significantly in the province of Alicante in the last hours, when passing from the 523 patients yesterday to the 487 notified this Saturday. And there is also a slight drop in the number of patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), from 111 to 109. This notable reduction in the number of hospitalized patients has also been registered in the provinces of Castellón and Valencia (14 and 43 less than yesterday, respectively), although in the northernmost demarcation the number of admitted to the ICU remains the same and in the central it has even increased by 5 people.

New coronavirus outbreaks in the Community: 30

Alcoy: 5 cases. Labor origin

Elche: 4 cases. Educational field

Ibi: 4 cases. Labor origin

Torrevieja: 3 cases. Social origin

Crevillent: 6 cases. Labor origin

Elda: 6 cases. Labor origin

Valencia: 5 cases. Social origin

Valencia: 5 cases. Social origin

Valencia: 3 cases. Educational field

Valencia: 6 cases. Educational field

Valencia: 3 cases. Labor origin

Valencia: 3 cases. Educational field

Valencia: 3 cases. Educational field

Valencia: 5 cases. Labor origin

Xativa: 3 cases. Educational field

Ontinyent: 5 cases. Social origin

Sagunto: 3 cases. Labor origin

Sagunto: 3 cases. Social origin

La Pobla de Vallbona: 4 cases. Social origin

Bugarra: 3 cases. Social origin

Ontinyent: 4 cases. Labor origin

Navarrese: 3 cases. Labor origin

Barxeta: 6 cases. Labor origin

Requena: 5 cases. Labor origin

Ontinyent: 3 cases. Labor origin

L’Olleria: 5 cases. Social origin

Burjassot: 5 cases. Social origin

Castelló de la Plana: 6 cases. Labor origin

Height: 4 cases. Educational field

Ribesalbes: 10 cases. Social origin

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