Tuesday, October 19

Health detects 62 irregular vaccinations and reports that the Provincial Council ordered Juan Bautista Roselló to receive the first dose

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló.

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló.

The Public Health report on irregular vaccinations has determined that the Alicante Provincial Council included the PP deputy, Juan Bautista Roselló, in the list of people who should receive the first dose at the Doctor Esquerdo center, despite not belonging to any of the priority groups. This has been announced by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, who has ensured that 233 cases were studied that could be the subject of analysis for skipping the vaccination queue in the first phase. Of the total, 171 are justified and the Ministry of Health has detected a total of 62 people who have been vaccinated without corresponding, 10 of them are public officials, Among which are nine mayors and councilors and the chief prosecutor of Castellón.

Public Health has opened 9 information files to human resources staff of the Ministry itself that was responsible for supplying those doses. Regarding the 62 irregular vaccinations, the councilor has highlighted the provincial deputy of the PP and mayor of La Nucía, Bernabé Cano, who was vaccinated at the La Savia center and appeared, according to the councilor, without authorization at the residence with his councilor for Health “in breach of the planned protocol and without appearing in the listings “. Ana Barceló has also reported that the deputy responsible for the Doctor Esquerdo center, Juan Bautista Roselló received the first injection on January 12 because it was included in the list provided by the Provincial Council. This has been denounced by the councilor, recalling that the Doctor Esquerdo center depends on the provincial institution and insisting that he “included himself.”

The councilor has also appointed to the mayors of El Verger and Els Pobles, Ximo Coll and Carolina Vives, married couple and both from the PSOE, who were vaccinated together on January 8 at the El Verger health center by the center’s staff. The socialist mayor of Dénia, Cristina Morera, and some of her relatives are also included in the list after receiving the dose on January 12 at the Santa Lucía de Dénia center. Among the public officials in the province who were vaccinated irregularly There is also José Galiano, councilor of the PP of Orihuela.

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, has highlighted that these vaccinations account for only 0.046% of the total. In addition, he has advanced that the Bioethics Committee has recommended that the administration of The second dose should be considered if the vaccination of the groups included in the strategy has been completed. The inoculation should take place up to six weeks after the first dose, the maximum period set by the World Health Organization, for which the councilor announced that the irregularly vaccinated charges will receive the second dose, once the immunization of the groups is completed risky.


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