Wednesday, October 20

Health does not see the need to specifically monitor those vaccinated with AstraZeneca

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in Congress

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, in Congress

The Ministry of Health considers that “No specific follow-up should be carried out” on people who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine And he adds that neither does he see the need to take any preventive measures or treatment.

This is stated in a text published this Wednesday by Health where it responds to sixteen “frequently asked questions” about precautionary suspension of vaccination and the possible adverse effects or supposed risk of thrombosis after the doubts raised by the drug and registering one death and two cases of thrombosis after receiving the vaccine in Spain.

When asked if it is necessary to go to the emergency room due to a headache after vaccination, Health rules it out since considers headache “a frequent symptom” after inoculation although it clarifies that if the headache is “intense and persistent, changes significantly when lying down or is associated with visual disturbances or other neurological symptoms, it is recommended to consult with the reference medical service”.

About if it is convenient to take anticoagulants if the vaccine has been received in the last 14 days, Health insists that “it is not necessary to take any preventive measures or treatment” and remember that the “use of anticoagulants or antiaggregants is not recommended at all in people who did not use them previously due to a circumstance or disease prior to vaccination.”

Regarding whether a person with risk factors for thrombosis has to take any precautionary measures, Health rules it out and explains that “No factor has been identified that predisposes or contributes to the development of this adverse event”, so it does not advise taking essential measures.

He also rejects that they stop taking oral contraceptives since they have not been established as risk factors.

When asked if a different vaccine will be chosen for the second dose, Health says that it is not planned to use vaccines of another type for people who were scheduled to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

Remember that the precautionary suspension will last two weeks while events are being evaluated and when they are concluded, information will be given regarding the continuity of the vaccination program.

Health wants to make it clear that the vaccine is “effective and safe” and, like all drugs, can trigger adverse reactions and recalls that at the time it was decided to temporarily suspend vaccination there were knowledge of 11 reported cases of the more than six million of people vaccinated with AstraZeneca in the European Union, one of them in Spain.

In the case of Spain, the cases have already risen to three after notifying this Wednesday Health a death from ischemic stroke and abdominal venous thrombosis, both had received the vaccine in the last 16 days.

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