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Health has more than a month without sending the bipartisan of Alicante data of the pandemic

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, during a telematic meeting with Barceló in September.

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, during a telematic meeting with Barceló in September.

The latest report from the Ministry of Health on the epidemiological situation of the city reached the Alicante City Council last january 4, including data from December 29. This is stated by the municipal government led by Luis Barcala. Then, the figures were not at all like the current ones after the irruption of the third wave as a result of the Christmas holidays.

At the end of 2020, the accumulated incidence (new cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in Alicante was 269; now, the rate exceeds 1,400 cases, according to the latest update made public from Health. That is, five times more in just over a month. When the Ministry sent the last document on the epidemiological situation, in the Alicante capital a total of 7,598 infections since the start of the pandemic (it is for ten months), while now the figure has already shot up to 20,252. Another devastating data in this time interval is thrown by deaths from coronavirus: the figure has doubled since Health sent the last official report to the Alicante City Council, from 130 to 264 deaths from covid in the city.

Nevertheless, the bipartisan knows nothing officially about these data, nor about others that went down in more detail, such as the situation by neighborhoods or the profile of those infected, by sex and age, and that they were included in health reports that stopped arriving at the worst moment of a pandemic that broke out almost a year ago. The last public complaint of the municipal executive came this Tuesday, during the press conference after the Governing Board. The deputy spokesperson of the bipartisan, the popular Manuel Villar, took the floor while talking about the effects of the pandemic to regret again that Health still had not sent the reports for more than a month (the latest data is already from last year, December 2020). “We continue to demand that information be provided to the municipalities. It is very difficult for us to work on our skills without updated data, “said the popular mayor.

Sources from the Mayor’s Office confirmed this Wednesday that nothing had changed in the last hours despite their continuous complaints, which date back to the beginning of the pandemic. “We still do not receive information,” confirmed from the surroundings of the councilor Luis Barcala, that last September, also after repeated criticism for the lack of updated data at the municipal level, a commitment to the Minister of Health started, Ana Barceló, which remained little more than a declaration of intent. According to Barcala, the Health Minister promised to hold weekly meetings with updated data on the table. None of this has happened at the worst moment of the pandemic, when municipalities say they need more information to be able to face, from their limited but always important powers, the increase in coronavirus infections.

This newspaper asked Health yesterday afternoon about the delay in sending the reports. Sources from the Ministry postponed the response until today.

A rate five times worse since the latest figures

The worsening of epidemiological data since the last report sent by Health until today is more than evident. The accumulated incidence, one of the most recurrent indices to verify the evolution of the pandemic, has multiplied by five, going from 269 to 1,409 in just one month. Criticism for the lack of information from the bipartisan to the Ministry of Health has been repeated since the beginning of the pandemic. They are nothing new.

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