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Health includes the monitoring of surgical interventions from the SIP card app

Hospital interventions will also appear in the app

Hospital interventions will also appear in the app

The GVA + Hi app to which all citizens can access online after downloading it on their mobile from their SIP card, has included New services as the hospital appointments and treatments.

Until now, services derived from consultations and treatments could be accessed in Primary Care centers or health centers.

The new version of the app is available for both iOS, Android and Huawei and offers new accesses “that guarantee a completely safe use”.

It is a new version of the mobile application that already has one million one hundred thousand people throughout the Community, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

From the department headed by Ana Barceló they explain that they have been working on an “ambitious digital transformation in health. Various conversations have been held with the participation of associations of doctors and patients to take into account all points of view and their needs, also identifying those activities that add value and help de-bureaucratize the health system “.

After these consultations, the identification through the SIP card number “has been replaced by two new forms of access to guarantee security in the protection of personal data and against any possible fraudulent use”, remarks Concha Andrés, regional secretary of Efficiency and Health Technology.

In this way, the services offered by the GVA + Salut app will be accessed through “scanning the barcode of the SIP card or through the use of Cl @ ve”.

If accessed through the scanning of the barcode of the SIP card, the new version of the app allows you to see the consultation of appointments that each patient in Primary Care and, as a new feature, in specialty centers and in outpatient clinics. hospitals too.

Goodbye scanning

Another novelty highlighted by Health refers to “access to pharmacological treatments prescribed by the medical staff, without the need to scan the treatment sheet, but also and as a very outstanding novelty, access to the prescriptions that have been dispensed and those that are planned for their next dispensation “, highlights Concha Andrés.

The app also allows you to follow-up of surgical intervention of a relative by scanning a QR code “that will be provided by the health center that has this service that is being progressively implemented”.

In addition, you can access, with a single click, the “Covid Vaccination” section of the website of the Ministry of Health.

The new version of the mobile application also allows changing the contact information of the SIP card if accessed through Cl @ ve, as well as having access to the electronic health record (HSE).

On devices with the old version installed, when the app is updated to the new version, the existing users must be added again.

“With the implementation of the new version of the GVA + Salut app and the recently launched patient portal on the website of the Conselleria de Sanidad, we continue to simplify the procedures that citizens carry out with questions related to their health, while we bring them to health in a simple and safe way, avoiding unnecessary travel and all kinds of barriers, even those that come to us due to circumstances such as COVID-19 “, concludes Concha Andrés.

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