Wednesday, June 29

Health increases capacity in football stadiums and basketball halls

  • Government and autonomies agree to set a maximum occupancy of 60% outdoors and 40% indoors

Vaccination coverage, with the famous 70% of the population on the full schedule, and the downward trend observed in recent weeks (the severity of the fifth wave has been much lower and the fatality has nothing to do with the one registered at the beginning of the pandemic) has encouraged the Ministry of Health and the communities to allow the increase in capacity at sporting events.

The football stadiums and the basketball halls may have a maximum of 60% outdoors and 40% indoors during September. Those are the maximum percentages. If any community that chooses to reduce it will be able to do so perfectly. What does not change is the use of the mask, which is still mandatory. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, after the meeting with the councilors in the Interterritorial Council.

On the booster dose, Darias has advanced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the presentation of vaccines in Spain have a “coincident” position. That third prick (second, in the case that the person has been immunized with Janssen) is not urgent but a recommendation for people with a “more compromised” immune system. For example, patients who have undergone a transplant. In any case, these recommendations will be reviewed in the public health commission next week before the government makes a decision on the matter.

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The head of Health has stressed that progress against the pandemic is gradual and that the virus is still there. “We must not lower our guard,” he remarked despite the fact that his appearance has distilled an optimistic tone. Despite the strength of the fifth wave, the trend has been down for five weeks. Right now, the infection rate is still risky: 225 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. However, vaccination means that the figures are not as harsh as in previous waves. 70% of the population already have the complete regimen while 76% have at least one dose.

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With the imminent return to school, another issue that worries is the immunization of young people. Darias explained that there is a wide coverage among the population between 12 and 19 years old and that, therefore, educational centers will once again be a safe place against covid this year.

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