Friday, January 21

Health intervenes in a geriatric center in Ibiza due to a covid outbreak

An exterior image of the Ibizan residence where the outbreak occurred.

An exterior image of the Ibizan residence where the outbreak occurred.

The Ministry of Health and Consumption has ordered the intervention of the geriatric center of Ibiza Sa Residència to stop the contagion of the coronavirus and guarantee adequate attention to users, after a outbreak affecting 25 of the 97 residents and 2 of the 86 workers who work in the center, as reported by the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area.

As part of the permanent and coordinated surveillance tasks, they assure that the Government of the Balearic Islands carries out the evolution of the pandemic in geriatric residences, in a weekly screening carried out to unvaccinated health professionals, a positive case and another were detected , in a hospital test, of a user with a complete vaccination schedule.

On the occasion of these positive cases, the Ministry began the screening of users and professionals of Sa Residència, report from the Health Area. So far 27 positive cases have been detected, of which there are ten residents hospitalized at Can Misses Hospital because they have covid symptoms and a professional is admitted to the ICU. Likewise, there are 15 equally positive but asymptomatic users of the residence, who are isolated in the center. “It should be noted that, of the users with a positive PCR result, three were not vaccinated and one did not yet have the complete schedule,” they have assured.

“Faced with this situation, the center needs support to implement contingency plan safely: sectorization of the center in an appropriate way, adequate isolation processes according to the results of the tests (zone of positive cases, zone of close contacts, zone of close contacts with symptoms) to care for infected residents and others applying all the necessary recommended measures “, they have assured from the Health Area, and have added that, in this sense, the Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez, ordered yesterday intervene for twenty days the control of health management assistance of said center in relation to all processes related to covid.

“Likewise, a health coordinator has been appointed with functions of control, coordination and direction of the health care activity of the center, directing the team of staff of the residence and, if applicable, the one assigned by the Health Service of the Balearic Islands. From now on, the staff, the management team, the ownership of the center and the residents will be governed by the instructions, orders and provisions issued by the coordinator, “they added.

They have also recalled that the Ministry of Health does weekly screenings to nursing home professionals who are not vaccinated. Likewise, in centers where the total percentage of vaccination does not reach 70%, monthly screenings are carried out on unvaccinated users.

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