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Health investigates a massive party in Maspalomas as the focus of monkeypox

Gran Canaria/Madrid



Canary investigates a massive party held in Maspalomas recently as a possible source of monkeypox transmission in the islands. Of the two cases detected in the archipelago -which have not yet been confirmed-, only one is linked to the party held in the south of the island of Gran Canaria, and according to health sources from the regional Executive, it is possible that the event contributed to the transmission of the virus, but it is still too early to know how it has determined the spread. However, they encourage people with compatible symptoms to contact 112 to be treated early and appropriately.

The Italian health authorities, for their part, do link one of the suspected cases in their country to the massive party that took place in Maspalomas from May 5 to 15.

The Maspalomas Pride 2022 He planned to gather more than 200,000 people during the ten days in which the celebrations extended, attended by homosexual men from all over the world.

This same Friday, the Madrid Ministry of Health closed the most important gay sauna in the capital after identifying it as possible transmitting focus of the disease in the capital. “Most of these positives are associated with this focus,” explained the industry counselor, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who reported 30 confirmed cases and 15 suspects in the region.

Health publishes the protocol

The Ministry of Health has published this Friday the protocol for the early detection and management of cases before the monkeypox alert where it is established, among the control measures, isolation and medical surveillance for all suspected cases or confirmed cases caused by this virus.

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In the document, the department headed by Carolina Darias has recalled that “classically” MPX (Monkeypox, in English) -human ape smallpox- is transmitted mainly by large respiratory droplets and by direct contact with infected secretions, and cases should remain isolated and under surveillance. In the case of MPXV, Health has recognized “discrepancies in the literature”, but includes “standard, contact precautions” and, “as a precautionary principle, it is recommended to include airborne transmission”.

Thus, for non-hospitalized cases, the patient should be kept “in a separate room or area of other cohabitants until all the lesions have disappeared, especially if people present extensive lesions or with secretions or respiratory symptoms”, in addition to avoiding physical contact and sexual relations. In addition, it recommends that injuries be covered.

In line, Health has concluded the use of a surgical mask “especially in those who present respiratory symptoms.” “If this is not feasible -for example, an infected child-, it is recommended that the rest of the cohabitants wear a mask,” she clarified.

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