Thursday, December 3

Health is putting out to tender the drafting of the PAU2 health center project

Plot in which the construction of the PAU 2 health center is planned

Plot in which the construction of the PAU 2 health center is planned

The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has published on the contracting platform the tender for the service contract for the drafting of the project and the management of the construction works of the new PAU 2 health center, attached to the Alicante Health Department-General Hospital, for an amount of 572,195, 16 euros.

The future health center will have a estimated area of ​​4,000 meters, will involve an investment of about 4,880,000 euros and the execution period of the work is 26 months.

It is, according to Health, a commitment of the cvonselleria “to increase the benefits of Primary care to the citizens of Alicante, who will have a new health center located in a residential and expanding area of ​​the capital “.

This area encompasses the PAU 1 and PAU 2 neighborhoods, that have experienced a significant increase in their population in recent years, due to the increase in construction in the area.

According to current data from the Municipal Register of Alicante, the center will cover an approximate population of 16,000 inhabitants, which is foreseeable that in the next few years it will increase by at least 20%, reaching 20,000 inhabitants in successive years.

The center, which will have a total of 35 consultations, It will be located on the plot located on Cardenal Francisco Álvarez Avenue and will have the following areas: user area for admission and reception; area of ​​extractions, cures and injectables; pediatrics and pediatric dentistry area; family medicine and nursing consultation area; minor surgery area; maternal area; rehabilitation area; management area and administrative area; continuous care area; sexual and reproductive health center area; mental health and mental health day hospital area and addictive behavior unit area.

Also, this building It will house the Multiprofessional Teaching Unit for Family and Community Care, a provincial body that coordinates specialized training for residents of Family and Community Medicine and Nursing. Currently, this Unit is located in the Los Angeles health center and the new center will have more spacious and renovated spaces.

After completion of the works, the new PAU 2 “health center will be a building singular energy consumption almost zero, that is, passive in nature at the energy level, which will serve as a benchmark for the public sector in complying with the objectives of the Directives on Energy Efficiency of Buildings of the European Union, and of the Generalitat in the Energy Saving Plan and the promotion of self-consumption of electrical energy and the incorporation of energy efficiency criteria in public procurement “.

The intervention “It is part of the environmental and energy strategy of the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, which establishes that interventions on infrastructures will take into account minimizing the effects on climate change and the commitment to sustainable development and improving energy efficiency “.

Also, the situation derived from covid “It raises the need to adapt health buildings to new situations. For this reason, the building will offer the maximum flexibility of the spaces to guarantee the adaptation of these to future healthcare needs or changes in their operation”.

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