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Health keeps the field hospital closed despite hospital saturation

Interior of thefieldsd hospital when it was used to carry out the seroprevalence study.  |  Polar CortesS

Interior of thefieldsd hospital when it was used to carry out the seroprevalence study. | Polar CortesS

Hefieldsd hospital raised by the Generalitat in record time together with General Hospital of Alicante during the first wave of the pandemic has not been used ten months later to be finalized for its initial objective. As announced by the regional administration, it was built to assume the peak of care pressure of covid patients with moderate symptoms in case of lack of capacity of the hospitals of the province. But not used yet despite signs of saturation in several hospitals such as the General of Elche, that has enabled supplementary spaces for income in a rehab gym, in full swing of the third wave. Both the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig like the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, have ruled out when announcing the new measures to slow the spread of the virus, that some hospitals are overwhelmed, as indicated by union sources and the health workers themselves. “The pressure is high but manageable”, Minister Ana Barceló stressed to add: «We have private healthcare as in the first wave, we have already had conversations and put at your disposal the ICU and acute beds and, of course, thefieldsd hospitals, without being necessathatthat’s what they are for. When? When we see that the system itself cannot assume the totality of income ”.

According to sources from the Generalitat either now, in addition to the secondary uses that it has welcomed in recent months, it will be added in the coming days to be a point of vaccination of patients against the covid. The CSIF union indicated, for its part, that thefieldsd hospital currently has only two uses: the taking of samples of PCR tests for General Hospital patients, and the «Isolation of migrants arrivpat era patera to the coasts of the province – now there are none. The CSIF warns that these temporary facilities “are not really prepared to isolate anyone.”

Current appearance of the exterior of thefieldsd hospital next to the General Hospital of AlicaRama | RAFA ARJONES

Emergency contract

The Generalitat ordered the construction of three field hospitals -València, Alicante and Castellón- during the most acute phase of the first wave of the pandemic to assume a peak of cases that finally did not occur. The works were awarded under an emergency contract covered by the state of alarm, for four and a half million. A formula that made it possible to obviate the administrative procedure of public tender planned for an expense of this magnitude, in order to speed up the start-up of the infrastructure. The bill was doubled, up to eight million for the three hospitals, because the departments of Justice, on which the General Directorate of Emergencies depends, and Health also requested that the facilities and improvements be equated as a connection between the buildings of hospitals and temporary facilities of a covered corridor. Jobs that he commissioned directly by finger, with the approval of the technicians, to the same company. The total cost of the Alicante venue is 2.6 million, and it has already claimed both the payment of the bulk of the order and alleged extra costs.

This hospital has 242 beds, among other facilities. As specified by the Ministry of Health to INFORMATION questions and during this time has been used to carry out the seroprevalence study of the Ministry of Health. Also, and depending on the protocol of the Ministry of Justice, spaces are used for migrants who require isolation because they have been close contacts of people with positive PCR. The tests are carried out in the Port of Alicante and are referred to thefieldsd hospital for close contacts. In addition, two pulmonology and internal medicine consultations are underway to follow up covid patients from the first and second waves. PCR samples are also being taken from surgical patients or patients with immunosuppressive treatments, assigned to the department of the General Hospital of Alicante, with two waiting areas and four extraction spaces, which work morning and afternoon depending on demand. During 2020, 4,576 of these tests were carried out with a total of 7 positives.

In this space, covid-19 samples are taken to support the department’s primary care teams, in addition to taking samples requested by the State Security Forces. At its facilities, health personnel have been vaccinated against seasonal flu until the end of November in support of the Preventive Medicine Service, and blood samples are taken from the Clinical Analysis Service.

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