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Health manages to vaccinate one in four health workers in the province in a single day

Dr. Enrique Mármol, from the Intensive Care Service of the Sant Joan Hospital.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Dr. Enrique Mármol, from the Intensive Care Service of the Sant Joan Hospital. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

One in every four healthcare workers of the province have received the covid vaccine in the first day destined to initiate the process of immunity of the professionals with greater risk when developing their work in front line against the coronavirus.

The data collected by this newspaper in each of the health departments reflects that close to 5,000 workers out of 20,000 who work in all hospitals and health centers have been vaccinated on the first day, with the anticipation of continuing all weekend morning and afternoon and from Monday until all professionals are reached.

Specifically in the health department that directs the General Hospital of Alicante approximately 600 health workers have been vaccinated among the 3,900 workers including health centers until 9:00 pm yesterday. Around 260 develop their work in Primary Care, 35% of 750. It is the largest center in the province, so the rate of vaccination is significant.

The vice-president of the Consell herself, Monica Oltra, After numerous criticisms and repeated recommendations from health specialists about the urgency of vaccinating as many people as possible and as soon as possible, given the excessive slowness with which vaccination began in nursing homes, he declared that it is “laborious” and “more complicated” than the flu, but that the rate “increases steadily” and will go “from less to more.”

First sanitary vaccinated yesterday in the health department of Elche. | INFORMATION

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In parallel, it continues to act in the residences, of those that have been covered according to data from Oltra 150, among the more than 300 in the whole Community, which follows the tail in percentage of vaccination with 26.1% or 15,965 doses among the 61,225 doses supplied, compared to the average 37.4% national.

From Health They foresee that on Monday those who are free of covid will be vaccinated and that as they get rid of the virus or the infected users can be properly isolated, the vaccination will be progressively followed in all these centers as well. They add that of the 10,000 doses that are distributed in the province each week a third is reserved for safety in the event of a possible lack of supply and that the process is going to accelerate a lot in health centers.

The Department of Torrevieja Specifically, it plans to complete the vaccination of 1,400 workers today. In Orihuela, where 1,700 doses have been distributed, yesterday about 600 professionals were vaccinated, 35% of the total, as in the General of Alicante.

In the Marina Baixa Likewise, 600 health workers exposed to covid were vaccinated for their work on the front line and more than a hundred in the Marina Alta; as well as 800 in Elda, 300 in the area covered by the General de Elche, 700 in the Alcoy health department and 130 in the Hospital Sant Joan d’Alacant among the 2,400 of the entire department although the rate will rise to 400 as of Monday. After being vaccinated, Dr. Javier Agulló, head of the Anesthesia and Resuscitation service, highlighted the importance of health workers doing it as “personnel at risk”, and reaching “the entire population possible” as soon as possible because it is “a weapon to fight this terrible disease.

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Juan Gabriel Martínez: “Getting vaccinated when working with patients is a moral and ethical obligation”

Before finishing his day, the head of Cardiology came to get vaccinated as hundreds of colleagues at the General de Alicante had done before.

Did you have any qualms about getting vaccinated?

I was already convinced that it is our obligation to get vaccinated, as happens with the flu for all health personnel.

And what would you say to those who are reluctant?

To those who have reservations, I would tell them to have confidence in health workers and in public health in general. The vaccine has followed its study procedures and we ourselves are among the first to get it because we trust all the studies on the efficacy of vaccines.

But it is voluntary.

Although it depends on the will of the people, in the case of health workers I see it as a moral and ethical obligation when working with patients because you do not know if you suffer from the disease or not. It’s like the flu and people should see us as an example.

Have you noticed something? How are you?

You do not notice practically anything, very little annoyance when receiving it. Maybe then I notice some pain or discomfort but at the moment nothing. In the Preventive Medicine service of the Hospital they do a control and they will call us all in the next few days to see how everything has gone. I honestly don’t notice anything with the flu either.

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