Wednesday, January 19

Health opens the deadline to request the digital green certificate to speed up travel

The Ministry of Health issues from today the digital green certificate in its three variants for speed up travel in the EU . The certificate is a proposal by the European Union to safely facilitate the free movement of citizens in the EU during the pandemic. It is intended to function as a “fast track” or fast circuit in order to speed up entry and exit procedures between the countries of the Union. Countries can now start issuing and using it and it will be available in all EU Member States from July 1, 2021.

Certificates will be issued free of charge at electronic version or on paper, at the request of the citizen with his SIP card. You can request it from the coronavirus portal, the GVA + Salud App or the patient portal. All of them meet the security criteria required by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In addition, the possibility of obtaining a face-to-face certificate is contemplated by requesting an appointment in the counter agendas of your health center.

There are three types of certificate of which the QR accreditation is collected digitally, which will contain the essential information and the digital signature that gives it validity.

Covid Digital Certificate of vaccination: allows to prove that the person has received one or two doses of one of the vaccines against COVID approved by the EU. The validity of this certificate is 365 days after the vaccination date.

Covid Digital Certificate of Recovery: digitally accredits, in the QR code, that the person has recovered from the disease after having confirmed their disease by means of a positive PCR test. This certificate will be valid from the end of the isolation period, day 11 of the positive PCR test until 180 days later.

Covid Digital Certificate of tests: offers the proof that the person has a negative result of a diagnostic test, which can be PCR or antigen test. In the case of the PCR test, the result will be valid for 72 hours and the validity of the antigen test will be 48 hours. In order to be able to accredit the results of the antigen tests, not any type of test is valid, but must have been carried out with one of the commercial kits approved by the EU.

When traveling, the holder must, in principle, be exempted from restrictions on free movement: Member States must refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on holders of an EU Covid Digital Certificate, unless such restrictions are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health. In any case, it is important that all people make sure of the requirements that each country has to travel.

The document will include when, where and how many doses the traveler has received and will be binding for the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which for now has validated the drugs of Pfizer-BionTech, Moderna, Astrazeneca y Jannsen. However, the certificate will also contain information on whether the traveler has received any other vaccines approved by a Member State but not by the EMA, as is the case in Hungary with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and the Chinese Sinopharm, Although it will be the power of each member country to decide whether it considers them valid or not. The document will also include the negative result of the PCR or antigen tests (depending on the requirements of the country to which you are going to travel) that unvaccinated travelers have taken. Some tests that Brussels is willing to finance with “an additional 100 million euros”, with priority for people who regularly cross borders for work, health or educational reasons, among others. In the case of people who have passed the virus in the previous six months, the certificate will state that they are immunized. With the promotion of this certificate at the European level, the Twenty-seven will try to avoid requiring additional quarantines or PCR to travelers who enter their territories, but it does not exclude imposing them if the epidemiological situation requires it and whenever they are “necessary and proportionate” , according to the EU.In the case of Spain, tourists from the European Union may travel if they do not have the digital green certificate, but the process will be as before, with the form and control at the airport

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