Thursday, May 26

Health prohibits the infected MIR from being examined this Saturday

The opponents to the Specialized Health Training exam (FSE) of 2022 are that trill with the Ministry of Health. The tests, which take place this Saturday in 28 Spanish locations, are in the air for practically all the opponents who appear. Health, as it did last year, does not allow anyone who tests positive to take the exam in the Vwould go from the covid-19, with all that this entails for opponents.

“People are playing a lot and have dedicated a lot of effort, time and money. With this decision, what the Government is promoting is that opponents do not take the test so as not to risk to not take the test, and that means masking many cases of Covid. It is evident that those who have suspicions should not take the test,” explains Jesús Andicoberry, from the Delegation of Medicine Students (DAM) of the University of Valencia, one of the venues for the exam that is to be held tomorrow.

Although it is known by the acronym MIR (Resident Internal Physician), the exam includes all resident applicants from other health professions such as psychologists, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists and nurses. In total, there are 28,514 applicants throughout Spain, of which 3,144 correspond to the Valencian Community. The Health decision is that everyone who tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 postpone their presentation to next year’s call, a disorder with great consequences for students.

“The opponent prefers to take the test than not to do it because he tests positive. This way you encourage various scenarios to occur. Most are isolated from the week before to avoid possible contagion. But there are also those who have had a positive contact in their closest environment and decide not to take the test. That, in reality, is a double risk,” he adds.

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Opponents call for alternatives

Applicants for a medical resident position They ask for alternatives. “Logistical measures can be taken such as taking the exam in a place prepared for it, or setting another date for those who are infected”, explains Andicoberry, who acknowledges that it is “difficult”, but returns to the same argument: “There is a lot at stake”.

Juan Luis Huguet is one of the Valencian opponents to resident doctor who appears this Saturday. “I, like the majority, I have taken measures to avoid contagion, but that is not a sufficient guarantee,” he explains. Juan Luis criticizes the “disrespect” towards students. “We have been in the pandemic for two years and there has been time to propose alternatives. On the part of the Ministry of Health it is a lack of respect for aspiring health workers, because behind the exam there is brutal work and they do not value us, when after all they are the ones who need us, ”denounces Huguet, who sees it feasible to prepare a specific place, at this point in the pandemic, for those who are ‘positive’ “.

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