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Health publishes in the BOE the new restrictions for this summer



Despite not finding unanimous support from the autonomous communities within the Interterritorial Health Council held this Wednesday in Navarra, the
State official newsletter
This Saturday collects all the measures approved for this new period of ‘new normal‘. Thus, the document indicates new provisions that mainly affect the hours and capacity of restaurants and bars and the reopening of nightlife venues, and indicates that they will remain in force «as long as vaccination coverage of at least 70% of the population with the complete regimen is not achieved», A situation that is expected, if the rate of vaccinations continues, mid august.

Measures for nightlife venues

Specifically, it is pointed out that opening of nightlife venues, such as discos, “It may be authorized when the epidemiological situation of the territorial unit of reference for the control of Covid-19 of the Autonomous Community in which the premises is located is outside the risk levels or at alert level 1”, that is to say , when the provinces have a cumulative incidence, they are below 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In these areas you can consume drinks and food both indoors and outdoors, but always sitting at the table and with a safety distance of 1.5 meters.

The clubs will also have maximum capacity restrictions inside the premises until the 50% of your occupation, although the terraces will not have to be subjected to these restrictions as long as the safety distance between tables of 1.5 meters is ensured. In addition, in terms of people per table, the limit will be 6 indoors and 10 outdoors. The closing time is established at the maximum of 2.00 am in the morning, «it can be extended until 3.00 am».

Restrictions in bars and restaurants

For their part, bars and restaurants will also have a limited capacity of the 50%, although it will be expandable by 10% if epidemiological conditions allow it, and up to level 2, bar service can be offered, always respecting the safety distance. The limit of people at each table will be, as in the discos, 6 people indoors and 10 outdoors. What changes with respect to nightlife venues are the hours: bars and restaurants will have to stop serve at 24.00 and close at 1.00 hours.

Concerts and tobacco

The document also includes measures to “Multi-party events and activities,” such as concerts. Thus, it is stated that the organizers of such activities, in coordination with the local authorities, “must carry out a risk assessment” and implement “additional specific measures to reduce transmission risks if necessary.”

The BOE also specifies about smoking on public roads or outdoor spaces. This practice will be prohibited “when a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters cannot be respected”, and it will not be possible at large events, such as concerts, not even outdoors.

Rebellion of some communities

The document refers to the “rebellion” of some communities against the approved measures, which they voted against. Specifically, it mentions that despite the refusal to abide by the rules by Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid and the Region of MurciaAll, “regardless of their vote” are “obliged” to respect the text. However, most of these regions have already announced that they will not accept the new guidelines and are considering filing an appeal against the agreement that did not achieve uninimity in the Interterritorial Council.

“Open road” to open the interiors of bars in the Basque Country, according to the PSE

For its part, the PSE-EE sent a note assuring that a contextualization clause introduced in the resolution of the Secretary of State for Health, will allow “to attend to the specificities that occur in the autonomous communities regarding different aspects related to the measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic ”, also those of the Basque Country, which will be able to maintain the current conditions of the hospitality industry. Namely, keep the interior of the bars open despite the high incidence.

Specifically, it is the clause that refers to “Coordinated Response Actions” and indicates that this document establishes that the measures provided for alert levels 1 to 4 «can be adapted and contextualized to each autonomous community and territory, according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation ”.

According to the Basque Socialists, this “open path” is due to the request for agreement and consensus raised by the PSE-EE “from its responsibilities in the Basque Government”, both by the Secretary General and the Second Vice-Lehendakari, Idoia Mendia, as well as the Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, Javier Hurtado.

With it, they add, “it is possible to give a positive response to other measures included in the resolution, as had been pointed out by other bodies of the Basque socialists, without questioning the autonomic powers.”

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