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Health puts 106,000 fewer vaccines this week due to the delay of AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca dose shipment has been very irregular since the vaccination campaign began last December, although at the end of April Spain received an extra contribution that allowed the Valencian Community to administer a record 324,000 doses last week.

So for now only vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna laboratories will be administered this week, specifically 218,199 doses, as specified this Monday from Health. From Janssen a new batch is not expected until the end of the week, specifically 14,700 vaccines that will be given next week with the enormous advantage that it is a single dose vaccine, so whoever receives it is vaccinated with the schedule complete.

80% of people over 60 years of age already have at least one dose of the covid vaccine


The AstraZeneca vaccine is being used to protect the population group from 69 to 60 years, one of the most vulnerable, once the entire population over 80 years of age has been immunized, to suffer complications if they contract the coronavirus.

Hence the Ministry of Health want to speed up the vaccination of this strip of age to the maximum without having to depend on the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company and its breaches. For this reason, Health has decided that the group of 66 to 69 years, whose vaccination began last week, will be administered the Pfizer and Moderna sera, since the second doses are administered in three weeks in the case of Pfizer and four in the case of Moderna. It should be remembered that it has not yet been determined how to finish vaccinating people who received the first dose of AstraZeneca and in any case, the interval between the two schedules is 16 weeks. In addition, Pfizer is the laboratory that is most meeting its delivery commitments and since last December the number of vaccines delivered to Spain has been increasing. Although in less number of doses, Moderna also usually meets the expected shipments.

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Full agenda

Meanwhile, the vaccination of the older groups continues apace in the Valencian Community and practically 80% of those over 60 have at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the data update that the Ministry of Health made on Friday. About 40% have been immunized with the complete schedule of the vaccine and in the case of the group of 70 to 79 years almost 90% have already had at least one injection.

Puig reiterates that in September 70% of the population of the Community will be immunized


The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, reiterated this Monday his intention that in June those over 50 are vaccinated with at least one dose and that in September 70% of the vaccinated population is reached, which will allow resuming, among other issues, local and employer festivities with restrictions.

Daily cases drop to 14 after Sunday’s rebound

Hospital occupancy continues to decline and there are already less than 50 patients on the ward and ten in the ICU

The cases daily coronavirus in the province fell to 14, after the rebound they experienced on Sunday. With them, the total number of infections since the beginning of the health crisis is 146,788. In the Community as a whole, only 40 cases were registered, although it must be borne in mind that this is common on Mondays as diagnoses are reduced during the weekend.

According to Health, in all autonomy there are now 2,192 active cases, which implies a decrease of 13.73% in just three days, from the 2,541 that there was last Friday. Since the last update, 623 new patients have been discharged. Likewise, vaccination continues: a total of 1,995,239 doses have been administered in the autonomous community, of which 731,900 correspond to the province of Alicante. 641,508 people have received the complete immunization schedule in the three districts.

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Parallel to the decline in active cases, hospital pressure also continues to drop. At the moment there are 46 people admitted with coronavirus in the province of Alicante, six less than on Friday. The occupation of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) has also dropped to ten patients. Both data are the lowest since August of last year.

The bitter side of the situation, however, remains the deaths. Since the previous data update, which was made in this case on Saturday, six more deaths from coronavirus have been reported in the Alicante district, leaving the accumulated number of deaths since March last year at 2,813.

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