Friday, January 22

Health rectifies and advances to today the first dose of health personnel

Vaccination at the Ballesol residence

Vaccination at the Ballesol residence
Rafa Arjones

Health has finally decided to advance and significantly streamline the coronavirus vaccination program, so that all the healthcare personnel most exposed to the virus on the front line of the ICU and Emergency services receive the first dose between today and tomorrow Saturday, as well as those who work in health centers whose vaccination is expected to be completed on Monday.

The pressure from health professionals themselves and from epidemiologists and Public Health experts, who have urged mass vaccination whenever vials are available, has ended up weighing on health officials who have advanced the vaccination schedule with respect to health workers. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health has released the vaccination figures by communities, which place Valencia in fifth place by the tail, in a ranking led by Asturias and closed by Madrid. The autonomous communities have already administered 207,323 vaccines, which represents 27.9% of the total received. In the Valencian Community, 11,677 of the 61,225 received have been administered, which represents 19.1%.

Three days ago the president Ximo Puig and the councilor Ana Barceló They indicated that this week the vaccination in the residences would be completed, to start the process between the sanitarians of the health centers next Monday and Tuesday, and the personnel of the hospitals once the vials of the Modern vaccine, with fewer relocation complications.

However, yesterday the general direction of health care sent to those responsible for Primary Care and hospital managers the premise that “we are all vaccinated between this Friday and Saturday morning.” The internal communication to which INFORMATION has had access includes the reminder that the vaccine is contraindicated in pregnant women or people planning a pregnancy, as well as among those who have passed the covid-19, who must wait 90 days.

Altabix Residence in Elche Antonio Amorós

Meeting rooms of hospitals and Preventive services, According to the organization in each case, this morning they are destined exclusively to host this massive vaccination of health workers who work on the front line, as well as those of Primary Care of health centers with serious allergies who will also be vaccinated in hospitals .

The rest of the vaccination of health center personnel will be carried out in the same facilities to avoid transfers. Everyone is also reminded that the vaccine, being from Pfizer, should continue with a second dose at 21 days.

It is also planned that the Community receives the first shipments of the second vaccine between January and February already authorized, Moderna, with about 50,000 doses. Barceló declared yesterday that it will allow “to accelerate the vaccination process in the first stages”, both residences and first-line health facilities. “The Community is prepared for its administration as soon as it arrives”, predictably, next week as reported by Health.

So far, and despite the initial forecast of completing all the residences without covid next Monday, in three days this week 125 of the more than 300 residences in the Community have been completed, and 50 of them were completed the previous week .


In another vein, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) plans to disinfect the Altabix nursing home in Elche starting today, where an outbreak of at least 24 people was declared (some sources point to 27), which includes nine users and fifteen employees, which that left practically minimal services for the residents. From the management they are making efforts to try to hire people to make up for the losses of nurses, assistants, cooks or cleaners.

Yesterday afternoon several commanders disembarked to carry out the logistics of the work to be carried out. The families of those admitted regret that they have not been helped to replace part of the staff that is on sick leave due to the virus.

How will the Ombudsman, Ángel Luna, has made two reports on the residence, in the last of them he asked the Ministry of Equality to assume the management, in the hands of a concession. The mayor of Elche, Carlos Gonzalez, requested yesterday to the delegation of the Government and the autonomic secretariat of Emergencies the intervention of the Military Unit of Emergencies.

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