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Health: Simex proposes December 23 and 30 and January 5 for the doctors’ strike in Extremadura

Although the call is still pending ratification in the plenary session of the union, the idea is to continue with the strikes every Friday from January 13 (included).

There is already a date for the doctors’ strike in Extremadura organized by the Simex union. The group has proposed Fridays, December 23 and 30, as well as Thursday, January 5 to carry out health strikes in Extremadura. The intention is to continue these strikes every Friday, starting on January 13 (included), until the conflict in the sector is resolved. They are called the professionals of Primary and Hospital Care of the Extremadura Health Service (SES).

According to reports from the union itself, this call is still pending ratification at the Simex plenary session, which will be held on December 12.

It is a strike that comes motivated by the work overload of the physicians, especially in primary care, with more than 50 daily consultations and very little time to care for each patient. This has been considered appropriate after Simex held two assemblies with the aim of seeing what the physicians thought. In both meetings, both in Cáceres and in Badajoz, they voted yes to call the strike.

Simex has already announced that the doctors’ strike organized by the union would take place after December 1, once the union elections have been held in the entire Public Administration that depends on the Junta de Extremadura.

Once said electoral process has finished, the Simex Executive Committee, following the agreement of the Simex Assembly, has met to set the dates of the strike call as well as its duration.

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Other unions do not second it

As already reported TODAY, this strike is not supported by the other unions that group physicians. CSIF, Comisiones Obreras and UGT (like Simex are part of the Health Sector Board) also underline the problem of lack of doctors, healthcare pressure and work overload and believe that there are sufficient reasons to demonstrate, but consider that it is not at the right time, at the time of greatest demand for patients in consultations due to peaks of flu, covid and bronchiolitis.

As for the reasons for this strike, one of the main ones is the lack of doctors. The Minister of Health, José María Vergeles, has put the number of positions to be filled in the current workforce at 73 (76 according to the SES). To this figure must be added those of daily practice due to sick leave, vacations and other reasons for the absence of doctors that are not covered. Simex, for its part, estimates that Extremadura has more than 200 vacancies for medical doctors.

This is causing delays in health centers and Vergeles has already acknowledged that “they are not acceptable.” For this reason, the eight SES Primary Care directorates are “working to improve the administrative procedures of the teams.”

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