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Health tries to agree on a Holy Week without trips between communities



The consequences of the Christmas de-escalation are too close. February closed with more than 10,500 deaths from Covid-19 and it has been the month with the most official deaths from the pandemic since April. Now, the option of maintain the perimeter closure at Easter and nipping the displacements in the bud gains strength between the communities. Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Cantabria, Catalonia or the Valencian Community have already spoken in favor, while Health tries to agree on a framework document in the Public Health Commission. For now, only Madrid has hinted to have other plans, although the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Extremadura are already open to visitors.

The matter will be discussed in the Interterritorial Council on Wednesday. The new Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, does not want the situation of last Christmas to be repeated. Neither the implementation of 17 different regional strategies, nor the explosion of infections and deaths after the holidays. For this reason, it has put on the table the continuity of the regional closures until after Easter, as revealed this Tuesday by the Minister of Health of Castilla-La Mancha, Jesús Fernández.

“If we make a common decision, it will be better for all,” defended the Castilian-Manchego adviser on the perimeter closures. “We have done very well when the measures are national in nature”. The same happens in the Valencian government, whose leaders have defended from the first moment that there is a perimeter closure of all the autonomies at Easter and that the night curfew be maintained to restrict mobility as much as possible, in fear of a fourth wave. Ximo Puig advocates an agreement so that all communities are closed on that date and, in fact, the closure of the Valencian Community has been extended despite the de-escalation of the restrictions that began on March 1, reports Toni Jimenez.

«This can’t be a Tower of Babel, that some open and others not “, also believes the Cantabrian president, Miguel Ángel Revilla. Faced with these appeals, other regions they still want to see how the data evolve. This is the case of the Community of Madrid, which has been given two weeks before making decisions. “If Madrid has been characterized for something, it is because it is sensitive to all needs, economic and health, which are first cousins,” said the regional leader, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Also the leader of the Board, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has left the options open before the data.

For the Castilla and leon meeting, beyond the closure of the territory – approved until May 9 -, his bet consists of “doing as if there were no Holy Week” and that it be “one more week”. This is how they will defend it this Wednesday in the Interterritorial, aware that “the greater the mobility, the more contagions” and with the memory still alive of the last holiday periods, reports Isabel Jimeno.

Because regardless of whether or not the regions are closed, the other question on the table concerns to the relief, or not, of the restrictions. Spain has registered 79,209 infections in 14 days, has a cumulative incidence of 168 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and ICU occupancy is 26.99%. That is, although it has come out of extreme risk, the country is still at high risk of out of control of the pandemic. And, given this data, the communities have moderated vacation expectations. Andalusia, for example, has already warned that no one expects “no lurch or madness” in the coming days, in the words of the Andalusian Government spokesman, Elías Bendodo, although a de-escalation of restrictions is expected this Wednesday, reports M. Moguer.

In Catalonia, the Generalitat announced this Tuesday that it is considering relax some restrictions and expand hours for bars and restaurants, which currently can only open in two shifts in the morning and noon. According to the counselor and spokesperson for the Catalan Government, Meritxell Budó, the Executive is analyzing the data to decide if some of the measures can be lifted from next week, although for the moment lifting the curfew is ruled out. With regard to the mobility of the next few days, the Catalan Government also sees it unlikely that the district confinement will be lifted, which leaves the possibility of traveling at Easter in the air, reports David Moran.

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