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Health undertakes to vaccinate the private staff starting next week

Carlos Rus, president of the private health employer

Carlos Rus, president of the private health employer

The 7,000 workers private health of the Community, of which 2,500 are in the centers of Alicante, will begin to receive the covid vaccine starting next week. The commitment has been communicated by Health to the representative of the employer’s association of this group, the Spanish Private Health Alliance, ASPE, at a meeting in which a report on the status of all the communities of which, for at the moment, only in Madrid, Murcia and Catalonia will the private sector be used to speed up the vaccination strategy. The rest have for now declined the offer made by the employers of these centers to help manage it at the same cost as the public.

The decision to start vaccinating the private sector staff, which ends one of the worries that had this group uneasy, only affects hospital staff. It remains to be defined what will happen to the polyclinics, centers without internment although with services such as surgery or emergencies, according to Carlos Rus, president of Aspe.

Although the operation varies depending on each community, in Valencia Health will facilitate the doses that are required and it will be the own private personnel who is in charge of injecting them.

Unlike Madrid, Catalonia and Murcia, Valencia has not commented on the offer of aid launched by the private company.

In Murcia, where it has been accepted to immunize members of mutuals, the first dose has already been administered of the vaccine patients and workers of some private hospitals and it is being managed that personnel of these centers vaccinate those of small clinics in the Region.

In Baleares The list of private workers for their vaccination has been requested and, although execution deadlines have not yet been defined, you want to start with those professionals who are most exposed in the fight against covid.

Among the autonomies that have also begun to ask for the list of the private staff are Galicia, the Canary Islands, Castilla-León, La Rioja or Navarra, with the commitment in some cases to start vaccinations shortly. In Castilla-León, in particular, first-line professionals from the private sector will be vaccinated in parallel to the public one, but, except for emergency, they will not use the private sector in the campaign, although they do not close the door to their collaboration, especially as points vaccination.

As to Madrid private professionals will be vaccinated in the coming days and vaccines will even be sent to their hospitals for patients, in addition to accepting help to administer them in the public network, while in Andalusia they have already begun to put them on the staff of private centers.

In autonomies like Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Cantabria or Asturias the presence of the private sector is minimal.

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