Monday, October 25

Health will concentrate the immunization of the population between 50 and 59 years old in the “vaccinodromes”

About 600,000 people who are going to be immunized in mass vaccination centers, since Health rules out, for the moment, the collaboration of labor mutuals, despite the fact that this population to be immunized is one hundred percent active at work. “As long as we can vaccinate with our own means, we will do so,” they said this Thursday from the department headed by Ana Barceló.

More doses in June

To start mass vaccination, the Consell relies on the laboratory Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of Janssen, which plans to send 500,000 doses in June. Also the laboratory Pfizer will send more vaccines next month. As announced this Thursday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, Spain will receive 13 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in June, at a rate of 2.7 million per week, approximately one million more per week. Of these, some correspond to the Valencian Community 270,000 weekly doses. Currently about 170,000 vaccines arrive in the province from this laboratory every week. If they meet their expectations, these two labs will more than cover the gap left by AstraZeneca, a laboratory with which the European Union will not renew its contract in June.

THE KEY FORECAST Mass vaccination as of June The Consell trusts that June will be the month of mass vaccination, with a significant increase in the arrival of doses from Janssen and Pfizer,


In the first stage of vaccination, Health pulled the mutuals to protect certain health groups, such as dentists, physiotherapists or pharmacists. Throughout the Valencian Community these entities immunized 30,000 people. However, once the Ministry of Health established that vaccination would only be by age groups, Health dispensed with the help of mutuals to focus the vaccination in large enclosures, where it is easier to summon many people and vaccinate them in the shortest possible time.

The mutuals recognize that this way of acting is more effective, unless there was a massive arrival of doses that would allow simultaneous vaccination by age groups and groups, for example, supermarket workers. “Then it would make sense for us to collaborate again,” said a person in charge of a mutual in Alicante yesterday.

THE FIGURE 2.7 MILL. Weekly doses that will arrive in Spain from Pfizer The pharmaceutical company will increase its weekly shipment of vaccines that it sends to Spain. Some 270,000 doses will reach the Community.


It should be remembered that there are certain economic sectors, such as distribution and large commercial areas, that have asked to be able to manage their own vaccinations, through medical services or their mutuals to avoid that workers have to be absent from their jobs. Something that is not going to happen at the moment.

Text message

Besides “vaccination courses »of Ciudad de la Luz and IFA, The province of Alicante has 16 mass vaccination points distributed by different municipalities, which will increase from May 24, when the Department of Health plans to open 124 more points throughout the Community, although it has not yet been specified how many of these facilities correspond to the province of Alicante.

To go to these points it will be followed Quoting by text message to mobile phone.

Finally, the Ministry of Health assured on Thursday that vaccinating people with the first dose has already been completed.e 70 and 74 years, and urges those who have not yet been called and belong to that age group to contact their health center. “In this way, they will be summoned shortly to their health center to administer the vaccine,” they specified yesterday from Ana Barceló’s department. Once the vaccination of all those over 80 years of age has been completed, the group between 70 and 79 years is the one that goes the most advanced, with more than 90% of people taking the first dose.

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