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Heardle today: Hints and the answer for the June 1st song of the day


eardle is a popular online song-guessing game inspired by Wordle, the phenomenal word-guessing game that has taken the world by storm.

The game for music fans, self-described as “a respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist,” was created by a London-based app and web designer who wants to remain anonymous.

He explained to Variety what inspired him to create the game, and said: “I was working for a start-up until December 2021, when they ran out of money, and I was out of a gig.

“I’m still between jobs at the moment, and like everyone in January, I began playing Wordle and posting my scores on a group chat site where my friends would also talk about their scores.”

The game was initially played by its creator’s friends, but once it was launched publicly, it gained popularity and is now played by more than a million players a day.

If you’re new to Heardle, find out how to play below. And keep scrolling for clues about today’s song, plus the answer. Warning: spoilers ahead!

How to play Heardle

First, head to https://www.heardle.app.

Every day, you will be presented with a different song intro–and your goal is to guess what the song is as few tries as possible.

Press the play button and listen to just the first second of the song. If you guess incorrectly or skip a guess, the song’s intro will increase each time, up to a total of sixteen seconds.

Once you’ve played, you will need to wait until the following day to play again.

Find hints for today’s song below.

Heardle hints for June 1st

  • It was released as a single in 1996.
  • The singer was born in Canada in 1974.
  • The song was nominated for two Grammys in 1997—for Record of the Year and Best Music Video (short form).

Recent answers have included songs by Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, and AC/DC. But who’s the artist behind today’s tune? Scroll below to find out.

Heardle answer for June 1st

The Heardle answer for June 1st is Ironic by Alanis Morissette.

It featured on her album Jagged Little Pill which won two Grammys for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year.


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